‘Young Justice’ – S02E02 – “Earthlings”

With six fewer episodes in the second season I’d imagine that the story is going to move along at a rapid clip.

Here’s how “Earthlings” is described:

Miss Martian, Superboy, Beast Boy and Adam Strange arrive on the distant planet Rann to stop the alien infiltration of Earth at its source…

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I’m a big Adam Strange fan myself. Really digging that costume design.

  2. That is a real nice redesign of Strange

  3. You love him for all the reasons you love the Rocketeer and classic Sci-Fi

  4. this episode is getting good

  5. ” If it looks pretty, don’t touch. ” No truer words were ever spoken.

  6. He wears a jetpack, travels in space and is married to hot ass, genius brunette.

  7. Okay saw the ep and LOVED IT. It truely is the best animated show on. These are some dedicated writers and artists. I hated that it ended but I love the cliffhanger. This is maybe my favorite animated show of all time. Again I say, I hope they dont fuck it up.

  8. As much as I love the redesign, wouldn’t that hood me massively impractical with all the air rushing at him while he flies?

  9. LOVED this episode. Didn’t like the time gap of 5 years, but now that the new status quo has been established it feels more back to basics.

    Things I loved:
    *Miss Martian’s relationship with Beast Boy.
    *Beast Boy’s origins semi-explained enough where we know what happened.
    *Superboy and Miss Martians break-up explained.
    *Adam Strange’s new design.
    *Alanna is actually capable in battle (never read an Adam Strange comic before but semi-know the character).
    *Beast Boy is just a fun character.
    *They know what happened in the missing 16 hours now!
    *The Animal Man short with Darkseid.

    After seeing the preview for next week’s episode, I can’t wait to see Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin all teaming up along with the JL!

    Also, does anybody else not like those claymation shorts made by the Wallace and Gromit dudes. I just find them REALLY unfunny and feel like another cooler short could be there. I like the animation, but the comedy needs to be bumped up a lot.

  10. getting a real Assassin’s Creed feel from that adam strange design

  11. I like beast boy new orgin story.

  12. Any of the gaming iFanboys know about this….


    Sounds cool. Looking forward to that.

    • I’ve heard this takes place between season 1 and 2 and I believe is actually canon. The whole “one will die” thing also makes people believe that–

      *SPOILER (MAYBE!)*

      — Artemis will die. I know, it’s weird to think they’d kill one of the original 6 main characters. But obviously Dick, Miss Martian, and Superboy are still alive. We’ve seen the promotional art for Aqualad and his new Black Manta-esque costume. That only leaves Wally and Artemis. Wally may be the Flash now. We don’t know yet. “Die” could also be metaphorical, as in Artemis “dies” but she takes on the role of the new Tigress to reclaim her mother’s old role, but now as a hero. Something along those lines. Or, it could be a villain. Or it could be Tempest or something. Who knows. It’s all speculatory at this point.

    • A character by that name died in the Teen Titans annual this week so maybe you’re on to something…

    • @ SDucky25 Where is this info about someone dying? i’d love to read it. That and Aqualad’s new look. I didn’t know there was images out on that.

    • @RahUniQue The info about the dying is on the tagline for the game. “One will rise. One will fall. One will die.” The specifics on WHO is dying is purely speculative at this point.

      Took me a bit to find this pic again, but its from the new box art found on the latest YJ toys. The other side of the box just has pics of Superboy, Lagoon Boy, and Blue Beetle. There is no full body pic of Aqualad yet, but this is all I know of:

  13. did they say the justice league was responsible for crime on Rimbor? that’s Ultra boy’s planet right?

    • Yeah. That’s what I was thinking when I heard it on Saturday. That would be interesting if they explored that world since we’ve never seen Rimbor depicted on TV. I really love this show. It’s a very well written and drawn cartoon. I look forward to it every week. Maybe Jeff Loeb should look at it for some inspiration on what a good animated show and NOT cancel anymore good cartoons.

  14. Adam Strange rules, love when they bring in the more obscure characters.

  15. I kept thinking to myself, “Adam Strange, Adam Strange. I should know who this is, but I can’t think of who he is.” then I smacked myself on the head when I saw him in the jet pack. Of course! ADAM STRANGE! “The guy who flies around space and…spread his seed.” as said by Greg Miller

  16. – Loved seeing Raan. Love the re-design of Adam Strange. Interestingly, I really liked Alana Strange too, especially when she through the life line to the alien. Classy.
    – I like the explanation of Beast Boys powers and his new relationship with Miss Martian (“Sis”).
    – I am not sure if I find Beast Boy annoying, though he could grow on me, perhaps this season’s Wally. Beast Boy seems like an immature 12 year-old, which means the characterization is actually pretty good. I can’t help feel that he should be a little more mature given 5 years have past since we first met him. (Maybe he was only 7 at the time?) Though, with the trauma that he’s gone through, it does make sense that he would be a little emotionally stunted. And, it also possibly explains why he chooses not to look like his “human” self.
    – What did Miss Martian do that left Conor no choice?
    – Speaking of which, they have definitely made Miss Martian more mature in this season. Of the characters we’ve really spent time with, she’s the one who seems to have grown the most in the past 5 years.
    – I don’t like that Miss Martian went all sociopathic at the end of the episode. It unnerved me greatly because she is a character I really like.

    • I think you might have answered #4 with #6. Maybe this new, cruel usage of her powers isn’t a new development, and Conner wasn’t down with that. I found that moment very interesting.

  17. I like that Miss Martian can phase through walls now…5 years ago, this was an “advanced technique” she hadn’t mastered yet.

    With her mental powers, shapechanging, invisibility, and now dematerializing, I think this show is doing a great job depicting how terrifying this character would be. She has really grown in confidence as well. She just announces that she’s “going in” to a base full of aliens, with no plan and no fear….Totally confident that she can overcome whatever she encounters.

    The subtlety with which this kind of character growth is conveyed is what makes this show so enjoyable for me….While at the same time kept a room of kids ages 4 to 9 completely mesmerized and engrossed. It’s just flawless in it’s execution.

    • Yes, I agree the degree to which this show subtly addresses character is one of its hallmarks. Here’s an example from the first episode that I was thinking about: Captain Atom is either now in charge of the Justice League (having taken over for Batman) or is a completely arrogant jerk, who no one seems to tell off. At one point he says, “I am ordering a two prong attack…” Whoa, buddy, slow down there. Who says you get to give the orders? I am mostly kidding, but the great thing about this show is, as a viewer, you don’t know which it is. It could be either scenario. (My guess is that Batman has taken a step back from leadership of the JL since the starro-tech incident, allowing Captain Atom to step up.)

    • Yeah, I agree Capt. Atom is in charge, and his leadership style is appropriately more military than Batman. As for WHY there was a leadership change…I actually think it’s one of those great Justic League bylaws things that were so common once upon a time, but don’t get directly addressed in the show (at least not often…the formalities of the league were actually highlighted nicely in the “voting for membership” episode, when Batman says Billy has a right to participate in league voting until he is actually voted off the team. That’s so silver age, in a good way.)

    • I had not considered the by-laws angle. That’s great. It could be a rotating position, or possibly one with a set term limit. (I am sure the show runners have an explanation; they’re just not sharing.) Since the events of last season occurred within a single calendar year, it is quite possible that Batman’s term was simply up. Love this minutia. Love the internal logic to the show!

      Again, this is what makes this show so great. It rewards viewers for paying close attention to details. For example, within any given episode, there will be a change, or an event that occurs, that is usually not integral to the plot of a particular episode, which seemingly hangs out there unexplained, allowing the audience to speculate as to its meaning within the larger context of the show. Most of the time, the writers have circled back and explained these plot points, but while they go unexplained, it allows the viewers to think about all the possibilities of what might happen. The membership drive episode is a good example — the characters raised all of these issues about various candidates (and sitting members), but the answer to the question of “who will be on the League” was not given until a couple of episodes later.

  18. The new design for Adam Strange may not be very practical for flying, but it looks cool as all hell