‘Young Justice’ – S01E23 – “Insecurity”

As the first season warps up, and leads right into the second, it looks like the cast is about to expand a bit.

Here’s how “Insecurity” is described:

Red Arrow’s arrival bothers Artemis. Meanwhile the team’s mission to capture Sportsmaster threatens to expose Artemis’ darkest secrets.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Red’s a jerk.

  2. Did anyone else catch the Doctor Who reference? Wonderful.

  3. The last name of the guy in the beginning is “Jones” which makes me think they were referencing Cissie-King Jones/Arrowette

  4. I just want to know what is going to happen with Artemis.

  5. Can’t they get sued for coming THAT close to Spider-Man? That’s all I kept thinking about during the opening. lol

    This show continues to entertain and impress, though I also kept wondering how many kids out there actually can follow this plot; even I was confused at points. I’m also confused about Wally’s age. So is he about 16, while Roy is 18? At one point Wally says that he and Roy “go way back” and I was thinking, to when? Last year?? haha

    That Superbaby of Tokyo short weirded me out. As if the premise weren’t weird enough from last time, this time it looked like they showed unknowing Lois *smitten* with her own son. Yuck!

    • Its not as if there isn’t precedence for that; Lois once went back in time to try to make a baby Superman fall in love with her as a kid so he’ll be in love with her as an adult.

    • Though I admire your keen memory for Silver Age (?) Super-trivia, the fact remains: having romantic feelings for your own baby son is even sicker than having romantic feelings for someone else’s! I repeat: yuck!!!

  6. Whaatt??? DC Spider-Man????

    • Loved it, looking forward to watching the real spider-man cartoon in a few minutes, I’m interested to see how he measures up to his evil DC doppleganger!

  7. Looks like Jim Lee got ahold of Red’s costume.

    I thought this was pretty good. RA was kind of a jerk, but he’s also very confident compared to Arsenal. At least he doesn’t have a hidden agenda!

  8. Jerks are cool.

  9. you must remember this
    a kiss is just a kiss
    a sai is just a sai
    Elektra and Raphael apply
    as time goes by

    Even without the Casablanca reference, this show impresses me more with each episode. The characters are increasingly compelling, and the writers hurt them so hard! After listening to a lot of Nerdist Writers Panels I get the impression that this is a writers’ room that spends more of their time talking about characters than plot. I love Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes but they’re characters are a set of archetypes that deal with a this week’s plot complication.

    Ironic reversal! DC surpasses Marvel in characterization!

    In silver age DC, everybody on the Justice League had the same voice, everyone could have exchanged word balloons and nobody would notice. Then the FF came and introduced melodramatic archetypes. You could recognize a character just from the word balloon.

    Young Justice takes it to the next level, which is not just viewing a character as a melodramatic archetype, but as a complex psychological being who- MOST IMPORTANTLY- Cha-Cha-Changes. Turn and face the strain. My feelings about each of these characters has evolved and devolved a lot since episode 1. As cool as the plots in Avengers are, I know pretty much how their Iron Man archetype will react to a given situation. I can’t say the same for Wally or Artemis, because their characters are growing. As they should, a show about teenagers should be a show about growing.

  10. Haha the DC spider-man was awesome. It even sounded like the voice from Spectacular Spider-man which was kinda cool.

  11. Young Justice is another good cartoon, I found myself streaming off the Xbox and really enjoy, its cool how they have the JLA there and other heroes n villains of course coming and going. Not just the Teen Titans here.

  12. For those of you watching this series, do you think we will ever see Donna Troy join the team and would you want that?

    • I read somewhere that they acquired the rights for Wonder Girl and plan on adding her to the team. They haven’t said anything about who it is but I’m more inclined to think that it will be Cassie Sandsmark rather than Donna Troy.