‘Young Justice’ – S01E22 – “Agendas”

We’re entering the home stretch of season one, with only five episodes remaining!

Here’s how “Agendas” is described:

Superboy returns to Project Cadmus, where he learns the top-secret genetics lab may have created another Super Clone. Meanwhile, the Justice League convenes at the Watchtower to discuss an important matter.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. So is the clone suppose to be Match?

  2. I enjoyed watching the League voting on its new members more then watching the Superboy parts. Still a good episode, the animation in the show is always good.

  3. Who voiced the Flash? I totally recognized the voice but can’t place it.

  4. This episode reminded me of Katers talking about how the League was always really into their bylaws.

  5. I love the League politics. Also, each new design I see convinces me more that these should have been the templates for the new 52 costumes.

    • Agreed! I am so enamoured with the Hawkman/Hawkwoman costumes…I don’t even particularly like the characters, but I want to see more of them just because their costumes are so damned cool.

      They also made Guardian into someone I could watch every week, whereas I used to just groan when he’d show up in old Superman comics.

      This show is so good.

  6. Another good episode! The Superboy/Match stuff was a bit drawn out but interesting nonetheless, especially with the cool Connor/Lex beats. But what I loved was the Watchtower stuff – seeing Icon pop up really made me happy, as did the debate on Captain Marvel’s ever-weird predicament, along with the general fun of seeing all our big heroes sitting down at a table to yak with one another. And how awesome was that throwaway line referencing Guardian’s relation to Roy Harper?!

    • I totally agree. Who do you think they voted in?

    • I’m not so sure we’ll immediately find out who the Justice League voted in. (And as much as I liked this episode – what exactly did the two stories have to do with one another?)

      I doubt they’d pick Plastic Man. As they themselves noted, he’s very much a comic relief / trickster figure, and that’s a personality trait that DC Animation has handed over to the otherwise boring Flash Family characters, so PM would be stepping on toes. Since this show is “Young Justice” and not “Justice League,” maybe they will go with Red Arrow, who is now 18 and might make for another good liaison between the two teams. And/or Rocket/Icon, as this show is still very much white.

      Btw, I forgot to note how much I enjoyed the beat where Lex’s hypersonic dialogue called out Superboy – as it was inspired by (and nearly identical to) the beat in “Superman: The Movie” where Lex calls out Superman. Brought a smile to this aging Gen-X’er… 🙂

  7. Love the cliffhanger of the votes and watching Superboy/Luthor Relashionship

  8. “Guy Gardner? NO!” Make milk come out my nose.

  9. I dun get why he is called match. I mean why not project s or something else. Match doesnt sound right.

  10. Nerts. I have to wait for Teletoon to pick up the episodes so I can catch up.

  11. i just loved how Hal and John just screamed no at the same time when Barry mentioned Guy its the small thing like that that make me love the show

  12. Love love LOVE all of the nods to both Superboy history and the original YJ comics. Match, Dubbilex, Amanda Spence, Super Cycle, Harm, Secret… this show was made just for me.

  13. I deleted the show from my season pass on TiVo.

  14. I would watch the League pick new members every week if we got to see amazing cameos.

  15. Best part is when Batman says ” I knew ” when talking about captain marvel being a kid.

  16. Anybody else think Wonder Woman came across as a bit unlikeable? She sure jumped all over Batman about “indoctrinating” Robin, and was pretty vicious about it. And I did love Batman’s response to her accusations on why he thought Robin deserved to bring his parents killers to justice. Wonder Woman: “So that he would turn out like you?”
    Batman: “So that he wouldn’t.”

    I loved the whole “how old is old enough” debate, as it raised some good questions and revealed some pretty interesting details (Miss Martian is in her 40’s!!)

    And please, Justice League, don’t kick Captain Marvel out. Is it really that big of a deal that he didn’t tell them how old he was? They keep their identities a secret from each other for heaven’s sake (again, Wonder Woman needed to take a chill pill in my opinion). Plus, he’s so darn likeable, and the League clearly means a lot to him.

  17. Well Capt. Marvel aka Shazam now, should always be in the league. He is one of those main stay chartacters in my opinion, kinda like Superman, Batman, WW, Flash, GL (Hal), MM, and Aquaman. Shazam at points through out time has had great popularity almost rival that of WW just below Supes and Bats. I would like to see DC in all aspects make Shazam a permanent member. When there is magic a foot he is more useful than Supermanand when Supes is away he is the stand in and when Shazam can’t be there than Supes is there. You could not ask for better coverage!!
    WW was a straight written out as a crabby bitch in this episode, not as a warrior princess! Then all of a sudden she says they need more female members in the League, no shit! I do not think in this day and age it needs to be brought up and I am sure the guys would welcome it if that is the case! Just seemed out of era thing to say, and all of the others girls agreed like they were being supressed. I thought that was silly, I don’t think anyone cares if it’s man or woman just as long as they are useful to the group.
    I am so glad we go to spend more time with JLA, I agree completely with @mattgarcxc9; they could just sit there and argue back and forth and do the whole selection process over and over and I would be fine for the cameos.
    The kids in Young Justuce are fun although I really wish they would either change them to The Teen Titans or have The Teen Titans guest star. That would surely confuse things now, or does the TT not exsist in this Universe?? Oh well, as long as I get more DC characters and the JLA I am very happy!!


  18. At first I thought I had missed something and was supposed to know who they had voted in. My thoughts are it might be Icon, since we’ve seen Rocket in previews; or it could be Red Arrow or one of the current members. Otherwise, I don’t see where it’s pertinent to show them having the discussion. Maybe they did vote out Cap so he can then join the YJ team.

    In other words, I would assume they didn’t just elect Plastic Man in, since that would have nothing to do with YJ and thus there’s no reason to show it.

  19. To be fair to Wondy, the JL is a bit of a boys club and Batman doesn’t communicate his actions and intentions very well with the rest of the team. I’m not saying anybody is more right than anyone else, but both her and Bat’s stances are understandable. Even Superman’s feelings about Superboy sounds human though not very noble. Sure Diana jumped on Bruce’s back, but how can she trust him when he keeps vital information from his friends and coworkers? To her, what else is he keeping from the rest of the team? Yeah Bruce has everyone on a need to know basis, but he might feel that he’s protecting his friends and loved ones from certain truths that might otherwise do more harm than good at that moment. He took Dick in as his apprentice not to be his child soldier, but to avoid sacrificing his life and happiness filling the emptiness that was left by the murder of his parents. Yeah Clark wins the annual Justice League dead-beat dad award, but how you feel if you had a clone that not only had none of your imperfections and was specifically designed to kill you, but also wanted you yo be his daddy? All in all I think this episode was actually pretty good at pointing out that the JL might be god-like and best friends to boot, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have problems.

  20. So Miss Martian, who is 48, is dating the year old Superboy…this sounds like a talk show topic waiting to happen…where’s Jerry Spinger??

    • That’s hilarious! And don’t forget, isn’t Wonder Woman still supposed to be many centuries old? Kinda makes you think a bit more now, at how DC’s played romance between her/Clark in the past. She may be no Cheetah but she sure is one helluva cougar…

  21. has cyborg appeared in any episodes?