You Wanna Be in ‘Proof’?

This popped up Monday over at Image. Informed readers will know that Proof, while an exemplary book, is sadly not burning up the sales charts. So, why not rally the base and have a contest? All the info is below, and dear lord, go try the first trade if you haven’t.

*Contest allows fans the chance to become a PROOF freak! *

It’s easy to say you’re a big fan, but PROOF creators Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo give you the chance to show it with the upcoming Prove You’re A PROOF Freak Contest!

“Since issue number one, Riley and I have been blessed with a terrific fan base who often go out of their way with grassroots efforts to promote the series,” Grecian said. “The Prove You’re A PROOF Freak contest takes it one step further, by giving fans the chance to show off their fandom in a creative way – cut cardboard, sculpt ice, paint the side of your house, mow the logo into your corn field – do whatever it takes within legal means to show the world how much you love PROOF! Our favorite PROOF display could have three readers winning big!”

Photos of entries are due to no later than 12:00 PM EST time on April 1st, 2009. The top ten entries will be published in PROOF, with the second runner up receiving a copy of PROOF #1 signed by Grecian and the first runner up receiving an original sketch by Rossmo. The Grand Prize winner will be drawn into PROOF as a Victorian-era circus freak, created using their name and likeness, and will receive a page of art from the issue they appear in! In addition, those entries done in conjunction with their local comic book shop will also award their store with a signed copy of PROOF #1 and an original page of PROOF art!

*PROOF VOL. 1: GOATSUCKER* (MAR082085), a 128-page full-color trade paperback for $9.99,


*PROOF VOL. 2: THE COMPANY OF MEN* (OCT082281), a 128-page full-color trade paperback for $12.99, are available now.


Thanks to Brikhed for the tip.


  1. How incredible is this that the best comic on the market today is looking to reward their fans?  What the heck was I thinking sharing this good news… I want to win.  🙂

  2. I actually have a good idea for this, but it will require the cooperation of my girlfriend.  hmm….

  3. Awesome!

  4. i LOVE proof!!! so good!!

  5. I was always interested in this series, but this contest is actually going to make me pick up the first trade tomorrow.

  6. Just ordered both trades on Sunday.

  7. This is a great book,.  Get the trades if you don’t have them.  I have a couple ideas for this and I just might win.  It involes a stuffed goat, a nine iron, dry ice, a blow up doll…….

  8. Looks like my sixteen month old niece is getting her first tattoo tonight.


  9. i love the enthusiasm that everyone is showing – if you are not reading this series you are missing out… grab the trades, it is so worth it

  10. classic contest idea. i digs. i will spread the word friend.

  11. + I just finished Proof Volume 1 right before the end of last year, good stuff.

  12. I literally just hot the first trade of Proof in the mail today from Instocktrades, weird coincidence…OR IS IT!!???? 

  13. Just get your dog to swallow a metal statue that says "Proof" and x-ray him and take a picture! That will probably win.

  14. All I need is clippers and an hour in front of the mirror. Thats right, I’m gonna shave the logo into my chest!

  15. It’s a shame a book as great as this has to resort to this kind of stunt for publicity. I sincerely hope it helps.

    As for my idea, it involves whipped cream, a goat, a cougar (one of the middle-aged kind, not the animal), a 1972 Ford Pinto, Gary Coleman, and "Heartbeat, It’s a Love Beat" by the DeFranco Family, but I’ve said too much already. Don’t want anyone stealing my idea.

  16. I don’t see it as them being forced to resort to a stunt so much as a smart marketing move that’s also fun for the fans.

  17. @ohcaroline – I agree it’ll be fun for fans, but that’s the sad part – it’s for the fans. Unfortunately, and I hope I’m proven wrong, it’s unlikely they’ll get a lot of entries for people just picking up their first trade or issue, thus not bringing in new readers. Again, I love this book and hope it’s around for hundreds of issues, but this just stinks like a last-ditch effort to get readers. I hope that’s not the case and we can expect Proof for years to come.

  18. I know this about comic book marketing.  Get your base more excited about your book, and that will translate to those people making more of an effort to get others to read it.  This book lives on word of mouth, so make sure those voices are strong and happy.

  19. If nothing else the contest has a group of people right here talking about the book that they otherwise might not be having this discussion.  You like the book you tell a friend, they buy the book and like it then that is all you can do.  If that happened with every reader and one friend you double sales….

    I do not see this is a "need" or a "stunt" but rather a couple of guys having fun with their book.  You get to be a victorian age circus freak 🙂

  20. Just picked up the first two trades of this book based on the praise from you guys, and can’t wait to read them. Also, congrats on having your comments being added to the back cover of the 2nd trade.  You’ve joined the ranks,, and Rue Morgue (seriously, Rue Morgue?).