You Should be Listening to This: Dave Sim on ‘Indie Spinner Rack’

You like comic book podcasts, right? So you probably heard the Indie Spinner Rack episode featuring Dave Sim, creator of Cerebus, right?

If you haven’t, that should be swiftly rectified.

We’re huge fans of ISR around here, and this episode got me and Ron talking and laughing a lot. Even if you’re not that familiar with Dave Sim, it’s well worth the time. Make sure you listen to the last five minutes.


  1. Yeah, I had already listened to this. It was one of the best comic interviews of all time. I’ve never read Cerebus, but this made me want to buy the trades now. Unfortunately, they’re all like 30 bucks. Maybe for my birthday. Or maybe I’ll check out to see if you can get any deals.

  2. That’s right!!!! At http://WWW.CEREBUSART.COM they ahave all your Cerebus needs!

    I’ve read the first trade only, which is 1-25, and it was pretty good. Not amazing, but I hear it goes in incredible directions later on. I can see the potential there.

    The good thing about those books is you can very often find them on sale in comic shops and conventions for 1/2 off and more.

  3. Good news. We have our biggest Con this weekend in Minnesota (not that big, really). I’ll check for it there. Do you think I can skip the first book and jump into the material people say is better, or do I have to have the first trade for the groundwork?

  4. Also, they are 30 bucks but are as thick as phone books.

  5. That was a fun interview, especially since every other time I’ve heard the phrase “Dave Sim interview” (the Onion AV Club comes to mind) it has usually devolved into some kind of minor fiasco. I was afraid when I hit “play” that this too would end in tears and hurt feelings. He has such a reputation as Kim Jong Il meets Hunter S. Thompson that all he had to do as far as I was concerned was speak English and keep the facial tics to a minimum.

    I bought the first phone book and found it entertaining but relatively skippable. A lot of it seemed to fall into the realm of “parody of something I never read in the first place” but it was still funny and well-done. Funny and insightful came a little later.

  6. I’ll try skipping the first one and I’ll let you know if it seems like I missed much.

    Doesn’t really belong on this thread, but who else is really, really excited for Criminal? I can’t wait…