You Can Sit Down Now… the SQUIDDIES Winners Were Announced

rec.arts.comics annual awards were announced today with JLA/Avengers and Fables topping out the awards.

Interesting collection of awards, from what one could argue is really the pulse of online comic fans. Click to see the complete press release and award winners list.


Kurt Busiek and George Perez’s epic crossover mini-series, JLA/AVENGERS (Marvel & DC), dominated the 2003 Rec.Arts.Comics Squiddy Awards, winning five awards, while Bill Willingham’s FABLES (DC/Vertigo) won in two categories.

Busiek and Perez’s JLA/AVENGERS was voted Best Limited Series, and its creators (Kurt Busiek, George Perez, and Tom Smith) won Best Creative Team. On his own, George Perez won both the Best Penciller and Best Cover Artist honors. Squiddy voters also picked JLA/AVENGERS’ Marvel-side editor, Tom Brevoort, as Best Editor. Bill Willingham, P. Craig Russell, and Craig Hamilton’s FABLES: THE LAST CASTLE took the Best Comics Novella award, while Willingham and Mark Buckingham’s FABLES: ANIMAL FARM won for Best Collected Edition.

In the story categories, “Many Happy Returns,” Peter David and Ed Benes’ tragic end to David’s SUPERGIRL series, won for Best Multi-Part Story. Ed Brubaker and Brian Hurtt’s GOTHAM CENTRAL tale of the Gotham PD office temp who turns on the Bat-Signal, “Daydreams and Believers,” was voted Best Comics Short Story. Warren Ellis and Colleen Doran’s ORBITER, won Best Original Graphic Novel. In all, DC and DC/Vertigo swept the story categories, pulling in seven and a half Squiddies (splitting JLA/AVENGERS with Marvel).

J. Michael Straczynski and Gary Frank’s gritty superhero saga, SUPREME POWER, was selected as Best New Series, and LUCIFER (by Mike Carey, PeterGross, and Dean Ormston) was chosen as Best Ongoing Series. Darby Conley’s GET FUZZY won Best Comic Strip, while Neil Gaiman’s SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS took the Best Anthology award.

Continuing the Squiddy tradition of recognizing comics and comics-related content in the online world, Squiddy voters selected Scott Kurtz’ popular PvP ( as Best Web Comic and picked Newsarama ( as Best General Comics Website for the third year running. Online comics reviewer and columnist Paul O’Brien won twice–first as Best Reviewer, and again when his X-Axis ( was chosen as Best Focused Comics Website. Rich Johnston, writer of the “All the Rage” industry rumor column (for and the “Waiting for Tommy” series of interviews (for, once again won the Best Journalist award.

In other awards, Kyle Baker (cartoonist of PLASTIC MAN and KING DAVID) scored the Best Cartoonist award; PROMETHEA’s inker; Mick Gray, won for Best Inker, and Alex Ross–as usual–won Best Painter. Brian Michael Bendis, whose credits include POWERS and half of the Marvel line, was selected as Best Writer. Laura DePuy Martin won Best Colorist for the fifth year running, while Todd Klein repeated his 2002 win for Best Letterer. DC Comics was selected as Best Publisher/Imprint, and that publisher’s “Batman” and “Justice Society of America” were picked as Best Character and Best Character Team, respectively. Finally, WIZARD magazine won its first ever Squiddy as Best Comics Publication.

A complete list of the winners appears below. Detailed results are available on Usenet in all the rec.arts.comics.* newsgroups and on the web at

Best Comics Short Story: “Daydreams and Believers” (Gotham Central #11)
Best Comics Novella: Fables: The Last Castle
Best Original Graphic Novel: Orbiter
Best Multi-Part Story: “Many Happy Returns” (Supergirl #75-80)
Best Ongoing Series: Lucifer
Best New Series: Supreme Power
Best Limited Series: JLA/Avengers
Best Collected Edition: Fables: Animal Farm
Best Comics Anthology: Sandman: Endless Nights
Best Comic Strip: Get Fuzzy
Best Web Comic: PvP (

Best Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Best Penciller: George Perez
Best Cartoonist: Kyle Baker
Best Inker: Mick Gray
Best Painter: Alex Ross
Best Letterer: Todd Klein
Best Colorist: Laura DePuy Martin
Best Creative Team: Busiek/Perez/Smith (JLA/Avengers)
Best Cover Artist: George Perez
Best Editor: Tom Brevoort
Best Political Cartoonist: Garry Trudeau (“Doonesbury”)

Best Company/Imprint: DC Comics
Best Character: Batman (Batman, Detective, etc.)
Best Character Team: Justice Society of America
Best Adaptation: X2: X-Men United (Movie)
Best Comics-Related Merchandise: Hulk Hands
Best Comics Publication: Wizard
Best Focused Comics Website: The X-Axis (
Best General Comics Website: Newsarama (
Best Comics Journalist: Rich Johnston
Best Comics Reviewer: Paul O’Brien

The rec.arts.comics Awards (Squiddies) are the annual comics industry awards given out by Usenet’s rec.arts.comics community. As always, voting was open to all readers of the various rec.arts.comics newsgroups. Except for the Comic Buyers’ Guide awards, no still-existing industry award is older. Known originally as “the Great Usenet Comics Poll”, the Squiddies have been awarded every year since 1984. The Squiddies were named after Suicide Squid rec.arts.comics mascot–a mythical comic book character accidentally created in April 1991 when Mitsuhiro Sakai wanted to ask about developments in the series SUICIDE SQUAD, but typed “i” instead of “a”.

The 2003 Squiddies were administered by Carl Henderson and Johanna Draper Carlson. is maintained by Todd VerBeek. Squiddy Awards and Squiddy Award Winner art is available for use with news stories or promotions. 


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