Yoink! Marvel’s scales back Epic even further!

It seems that the entire concept behind the great experiment of Marvel’s new Epic line is fading into the ether.

The individual issues will be scrapped in favor of a quarterly anthology which will continue… “sales permitting.” This move follows the suspension of the open submission policy Marvel had put in place for Epic, after being inundated with more writers’ hopeful dreams than they could handle. It was a nice idea while it lasted I suppose.

The Newsarama article has some reactions from Epic creators. It’s damn sad really that the big comic company could make something like this work. I’m not doubting that from a business standpoint it was probably very hard to work out a profit from this, but you’ve got to feel for the folks who thought they were getting a big break here.

While there is still an anthology, Marvel seems more likely to lose sales because of a higher price point on material people are entirely unfamiliar with. It doesn’t seem like a winning proposition. Unless they market the holy hell out of these books, it looks like they’ll go away entirely.


  1. I didn’t see anything about NYX in there. Is that not an EPIC book as well? I really liked NYX and Gun Theory’s first issues.

  2. NYX is not Epic. It’s a regular Marvel U book.

  3. This is Marvel’s way of trying to recoup their losses from already paying for the books and then letting Epic quietly go away

    what a disaster

  4. It doesn’t seem like they’re trying to recoup losses as much as just cut their losses. I guess what I don’t understand is why they just gave up entirely on the concept of new issue comic books?

    Granted, anthologies are very successful in the rest of the world, but not here.

  5. I saw Gun Theory #2 at the comic shop the other day, but I didn’t pick it up. I’d hate to get all excited about the series and have it not end correctly. (divine right, battle chasers)