‘Y: The Last Man’ director wants a trilogy

On the eve of the final issue of Brian K. Vaughan’s epic series Y: The Last Man, Whitney Matheson of USA Today’s Pop Candy chat’s with director D.J. Caruso about the effect of the writer’s strike on the development of the project, his thoughts about possibly casting Shia LaBeouf as Yorick, and his plans to turn Y: The Last Man into a trilogy of films.
From the sound of things, this is a very exciting and intriguing project and it seems like D.J. Caruso is very anxious to get the project going. He also seems to have a lot of affection for the source material and the story that Vaughan has told.

That having been said, translating 60 issues into (if we’re lucky) three movies is a daunting task and is going to require a few liberties on the part of the filmmakers and how the comic book readers react to those changes is going to be very interesting. Y: The Last Man is a book that is held very dear by a great many people and we all know how much comic book fans love it when filmmakers change things when translating from page to screen. One of the changes is hinted at in the interview, putting a clock on the events of the plot – somehow involving Ampersand – seems to me like a logical choice to make for the film(s).

According to Caruso, the film will comprise the first 14 issues of Y: The Last Man and will feature an ending that could wrap the movie up on its own or lead to two more films (and an adaptation of the entire series) should the first film prove financially successful. The pessimist in me thinks we’ll probably only get one film, but I’ve certainly been wrong before.

Either way, this is exciting news. We at iFanboy have always said that Y: The Last Man should be adapted into a series from HBO or Sci-Fi or some other television network like that. The idea of shoe horning 60 issues into one two hour(ish) movie did not sit right with us. A film trilogy? Now we’re talking.


  1. I am indeed intrigued to see if this is going to happen. Like any comic book fan, I’m cautious only for fear of something being changed too much. The story is so strong in the comics format you just hope they don’t screw it up.

    I am optimistic though with the success and badassedness of a few comic related movies in 2007 and the ultra awesomeness of the few coming in 2008, this could be a sleeper hit kind of movie that blows people away.

  2. Ending the first film like that would be such a bad idea. The are going to be so many people who was going to watch this completely ignorant of the fact that there’s more to the story. They are going to want a lot of the questions answered in that first film and, when they’re not, they are going to leave the theatre confused and hating it. Any movie like that, that poses more questions than it answers is never a financial success (The Fountain and Children of Men come to mind).

    The only way to do it properly is to market it as a trilogy and make people aware that there is more, that way they’ll be excited about seeing those questions get answered in future films.

  3. I agree. Market it as a trilogy. I’m excited to hear that D.J. Caruso is directing. I hadn’t heard that before now. It seems like a no brainer that this would be a successful movie. Although, I have been wrong before.

  4. @ Andrew

    Think of it like Star Wars. Had there never been an The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, you still would have had a complete film. But a film that also allowed for the possibility of telling more of the story – which they did because the first one was successful.

  5. boys boys boys, let’s not jump the gun, how long has Preaher been in production for? 10 years?

    having said that, Jason Schwartzman would rock as Yorick. he’s a leading man, he’s a nerd, he’s charming and as funny as hell.

    just a pipe-dream

  6. I just don’t think this will have the fanbase for a movie trilogy. I could be wrong but they probably need to come to an acceptable ending for the first and potentially last movie.

  7. Jason Schwartzman would rock as Yorick. he’s a leading man, he’s a nerd, he’s charming and as funny as hell.

    You certainly picture Yorick differently than I do.

    Anyone find it odd that the director is publicly talking about how they’re talking to a potential cast member? Does that ever happen? Feels like they’re trying to build some buzz to convince Shia to do it.

  8. I feel like Shia is getting to that “overexposed” level. I was thinking that Ryan Gossling may make a nice Yorick. He can play that smarminess, but also add that emotional punch.

  9. I don’t mind Shia as Yorick. Yorick, to me, is the guy down the street you see every so often. He’s the everyman. Ryan Gossling doesn’t feel that way to me. My friend and I have talked about this many times before, and the name he usually throws out is Gossling. I think Jason Schwartzman is a cool idea for Yorick. I like Justin Long for Yorick.

  10. I wouldn’t mind Shia as Yorick, nor would I be upset with Justin Long. Yet, in my mind reading the story, I’ve always heard the voice of Topher Grace. Despite what you feel about the movies, looking at Spider-Man 3 and In Good Company show me the guys got chops. But that’s just me…

  11. I wouldn’t mind Shia as well, but I’m picturing Emile Hirsch, the guy playing Speed in the new Speed Racer movie and who also starred in the recent Sean Penn movie, Into the Wild (which is a great movie btw).

  12. Shia and Justin Long are douches. We need someone people will empathize with, not be annoyed at. What about Josh Hartnett? I’m sure I’ll probably think of someone else better but he came to mind first.

  13. I think Topher Grace, Shia is way over exposed

  14. Ryan Gossling would be the right choice. This and white out are the Two comic books I can’t wait to see in the theaters.

  15. I think it should be a tv series.

  16. I think it should be a tv series.