xkcd – Complexion

It might not hit you at first, but by the end, I had a good two-minute-all-by-myself-laughing jag.


More at xkcd.com.


  1. i love it *chuckling*

  2. I totally didn’t get it at first either.





  3. That is great, Josh. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m looking at it and I’m think, "Why is Batman punching the guy?" Then it clicks and I’m laughing at a funny comic and my own silliness.

  5. Awww, Batman hit the (half) pimple-faced kid… talk about prejudice!! Great strip!

  6. yup, that’s funny

  7. If you goto the site and hi-lite the comic the caption is "Why do all my experiments end up with me being punched by Batman"

    Love XKCD 

  8. @Josh – "two-minute-laugh"? Cute.

  9. ROFL my best friend put this on my facebook earlier today and i was gonna send it to the iFanboys lol

  10. I didn’t get it at first, but the coin toss was where I got it.

  11.  Haha! Love it.


    I thought this one was pretty good also


  12. It took me a good minute.

    Okay, a day.

  13. XKCD is fantastic.  RSS it, people.

  14. That’s great. Batman hates pimples. Who knew?

  15. HAHAHA!

  16. XKCD and cyanide and happiness are the few web comics that do it for me.

  17. This was hi-larious! 

    Let’s Be Friends Again is also a great source of comic referencing web comic-ery.

  18. Excellent.

  19. Not bad.  I had a small laugh once I figured out the Two-Face reference.

  20. Very nice. XKCD is always fun.

  21. You just made my morning!

  22. Nice!

  23. Thank you for those who actually spelled it out.  I totally wasn’t even thinking that!  Now I’m laughing at work.

  24. Yup, XKCD’s got Batman on the brain:


  25. I love it when jokes come out of left field but still make sense in some way.


  26. These tend to be talking about me…


    This one got me thinking alot.

    There’s a few of them that got me laughing so hard I get unwanted attention.