‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ TV Spots

Apparently, X-Men: The Last Stand commercials have rolled out on FOX and ESPN, I’ve yet to see one, but the kind folks at the Latino Review have posted the three commercials for us to enjoy.

Try not to recoil at the still of Colossus. I still have hope. They’re basically the trailer re-cut, nothing new, but it does increase my level of anticipation and excitement.


  1. I saw the House one when I was watching House.

    I have nothing else of substance to add.

  2. I saw one last night, but I don’t recall what I was watching when it was on. Colossus is my all time favorite X-Man. As long as there is a fastball special in this one, then I will be happy. Angel is my second favorite X-Man and he looks decent enough. I still have hope that it will be entertaining.

  3. Which still of Colossus? I didn’t see one.

    We’ve harped on Storm quite a bit, but I have to admit that my other reservation i have about X-Men 3 is that I am afraid Beast is going to say ‘I’m Doctor Hank McCoy, and I’m listening…’

  4. I still have much hope for this movie. I totally dig Wolverine and I hope the dude playing Colossus can act. But what makes the movie for me is Angel and Kitty. It gonna be great.

  5. Be good! Please be good! I want it to be good so bad!

  6. I’ve wanted a lot of things…

    I’d rather have a good superman movie I think. We’ve been lucky with X-Men. If this were not so great, I’d be OK with it.

    I’m still preparing myself for the worst you see.

  7. eh, who cares about Superman…We already have a good Superman movie that suits me just fine 😉 I want to see Phoenix!

  8. I agree with Josh, looking forward more to a good Superman movie. Luckily the director who made those good X-Men movies is now on Superman.

    I don’t hope the X-Men 3 is bad by any means, but I’m glad Singer jumped to Superman, I wasn’t too psyched about Burton, McG, or Ratner. However,since Ratner has a good foundation to build on with X-Men he will probably do well. His best film so farm in my opinion is Red Dragon and he got to use material from the other films there and did fine.

    And before anyone says it, yes there is a decent foundation in Superman films as well but it’s a little older. all new actors, effects, etc.

  9. I have never been so simultaneously excited and yet terrified for a movie as I am for Superman Returns.

    I’m looking forward to X3 now.

    Still never saw V.