Looks like 52 issues isn’t enough. DC has announced WWIII, a series of four one shots that take place during 52.

And all four issues are shipping the same week! That’s crazy, but also exciting?

Here are some interesting passages from the article:

As hinted at – heavily – in the weekly 52 series (and seen briefly in Justice Society #1), sometime before the 52 ends, World War III will shake the world. Actually, the date for the war is pretty specific – it will occur in Week 50 of 52.

But – war is big and messy. As such, it sometimes can’t be contained to one series or one issue. To get the larger picture of the war, DC has confirmed for Newsarama that there will be four one shots shipping during Week 50 as well, all tied to the events of World War III.


Along with telling of the war, and how it rages through the DC Universe, the four regular-sized special issues will also answer some nagging questions that have been topics of discussion for DC readers since the start of One Year Later in the books – things like: How did Firestorm get separated from Cyborg and then merge with Firehawk? Why is Cassandra Cain evil? Why did Jason Todd take over the Nightwing mantle? When did the Teen Titans disband? How’d Martian Manhunter transform?

Usually, this kind of thing annoys me, but I am actually really excited. A story like this is too big to be handled in one 22-page comic book, so I am fine with them expanding out into four one-shots. Especially since they are all out the same week as the issue of 52 that they tie into. Plus, 52 has been so damned good that I want more, more, more. And this is four more!

Also, that preview art has me jazzed.


  1. Why did Jason Todd take over the Nightwing mantle?

    to irritate conor

  2. No shit.

  3. Maybe they can have a fan poll to see whether or not they actually explain why

  4. Pencils look great!! let’s hope it delivers…there’s an interview with Keith Champagne that I read a while ago..when he told, they literally “dumped” the job on him…If I remember correctly, I think it was originally only him writing, but they had to bring Ostrander for time purposes.

  5. but they had to bring Ostrander for time purposes
    or they just needed someone to fuck it up
    bring on Grotesk

  6. I wonder if the World War III issues will be included in the evental ’52’ Trade

  7. I’m really excited for these. Conor said it well, 52 has been great, and I want more, more more….

    So I’m thrilled.

    PS. Grotesk story arc blew. Couple that with the putrid Detective Comics one-shot story a few months back, and the Bat-family as floated some real biscuits lately….

  8. A Suicide Squad mini. By Ostrander. Nice. I’m more excited about the Squad than WWIII.

  9. PS. Grotesk story arc blew.

    That’s where I was going with that

  10. I wonder if the story would make any sense if I only bought the two that Ostrander isn’t writing? Just a thought.

  11. You guys know that Ostrander has a track record of good comics, right? As far as I am concerned, the Grotesk storyline was a terrible, terrible abberation.

    I need to see a string of bad comics beore I declare that Ostrander has gone the way of Claremont.

  12. beore I declare that Ostrander has gone the way of Claremont.

    Grotesk – shades of the Brood
    all I’m saying

  13. Why did Jason Todd take over the Nightwing mantle?

    To be honest, I didn’t even know this happened. Where’s Grayson, then?

  14. They were both Nightwing for a few months. Then Grayson kicked his ass out of NYC and he went back to being Red Hood.

    God, Nightwing has not been good in years.

  15. Thanks for the info, Conor.

    What a shame…..one of my favorite characters EVER from any company, and I’ve only ever bought about three issues of his.

    Tisk tisk, DC.

  16. Chuck Dixon’s run on Nightwing (#1-70) was CLASSIC. Totally worth checking out if you like Dick Grayson.

  17. “Chuck Dixon’s run on Nightwing (#1-70) was CLASSIC. Totally worth checking out if you like Dick Grayson.”

    Nightwing: Year One and the Robin limited series that Dixon did need to be included in that run too.

    I don’t completely hate Marv Wolfman’s current run, but it does feel like Dick Grayson “Teen Titan” more than Dick Grayson “Coolest Fucking guy in the DCU”

  18. Chuck Dixon’s run on Nightwing (#1-70) was CLASSIC. Totally worth checking out if you like Dick Grayson.

    Effing A. Thanks, sir. I’ve been meaning to ask, but kept forgetting. Consider it done.

  19. Batman is my number one character, but Dick Grayson is my 1A. I don’t fuck around with those two.

  20. I’m surprised you didn’t lash out at me for spelling Greyson Grayson originally.

    Slipping a bit, are we, Head teacher?

  21. I’m confused… it’s spelled with an A not an E.

  22. Who-ba-da-wha?! I totaly mis-read my post. Error, Will Robinson, Error!

  23. Dude, I woulda SWORE I spelt it with an E in my first post…..Either I’ve lost it or Conor is completely dicking with me.

    The former, I assume.

  24. I so would’ve gotten this but unfortunately Ostrander is writing.. Damn it! Sorry I was like all into Batman when Grant Morrison jumped on and then I saw him and was like wtf?! Is he done filling in for Batman… I wish my comic book store would take back the issues he did and bring back my boy Grant Morrison.. I want Grant back!

    Then again the masochist in me might get it since it takes place in 52..

  25. morrison is back this month

  26. I’m excited about this. I was wondering how they were going to fit WWIII into 52 when there’s already still so much to cover. The last thing I’ve read of Ostrander’s was the Martian Manhunter series from a few years back, which was really good. hasn’t he also done some of the Classified storylines?

    I don’t know much about the other writer or the artists, but I’m looking forward to this.

  27. So, let me be the first one to point to this picture released by DC, following the trend of cryptic images with no text:


    A guy on this picture’s forum, proposes a very interesting hypotesis about WWIII. Maybe it’s a war between universes caused by the return of the multiverse.

  28. We’re talking about that picture here:


  29. Maybe they’ll actually make me believe the changes to Batgirl were plausible…. or there will be a fangirl reckoning…of one….maybe.