The World’s Most Valuable Comic Books… Revealed

For all you collectors: Here is an interesting list of the world’s most valuable comic books. Please note that Spawn #1 is not one of them, nor are any “slabbed” books.

And I have none of these in my collection. Except I have a reprint of Amazing Fantasy #15, is that worth anything?


  1. I’d just like to point out the text in the bottom left hand corner of Marvel Comics #1: Featuring Ka-Zar The Great 12 Pages Of Jungle Adventure

  2. You totally broke my heart. SPAWN ISN’T ONE OF THEM?

  3. I guess Jim Lee’s “X-Men” #1 just missed the top ten.

    You know what nugget I took away from this article?: In the 24 years between Action Comics #1 and Amazing Fantasy #15, the cover price of comics went up two cents.

  4. When I started reading comics I had to walk two miles to my comic book store, in my bare feet, in the snow, and they only cost one dollar.

    Now I drive the same two miles, in my Jeep, and spend three dollars on each comic. Although, when I first got my Jeep, the price of gas was a lot lower too. Sometimes I pogostick there.

  5. First off…no Sleepwalker?

    Second…I know for a fact that Dave has never walked barefoot to get his comics.

    Third…Anyone here planning on going to 24hourcomicday next month? It sounds intresting. Maybe something will be created there that will end up on a future version of this list.