Fan Film: ‘World’s Finest’

The sequel you were never meant to see! The follow-up to last year’s underground success Batman: Dead End is called World’s Finest.

It’s way more ambitious than the first one and it’s a fun time, even if it looks like it was cast from the Cinemax pool of actors.


  1. i’m downloading it now
    i found this other trailer for a movie called grayson.
    alot of cameo’s, i like the flash of green lantern. pretty cool

    check it out

  2. GRAYSON is taking forever to download, but…

    Apparently, nerds have been a lot busier than I was aware of.

  3. I’m downloading Grayson now after a failed attempt last week.

    World’s Finest was ok – more on the awful side of things, but hey, they made it and I just bitch about it, so they got one up on me

  4. WORLD’S FINEST looks like SPIDER-MAN 2 compared to GRAYSON.

    There are some serious fundamental flaws in the characterizations in that one. Then again, I’m a Batnerd.

    Still, all these films are kinda cool in a way.

  5. yeah, grayson was kind of confusing. it seemed like they pulled from 3 diffrent bat sources and tried to blend them into one movie. didn’t work to well. still fun to watch.
    i tried watching it without sound and it was a little better.

    i’m going to watch this new one in a min. in the middle of an alias marathon online. who knew you could watch tv on the net. thank you win amp…thank you

  6. WOW, that was good.
    definitly shot a lot better than grayson.
    lex luther in his armor was great.

    i was kind of expecting some kind of twist like the last one.

  7. I’m impressed with the ambitiousness of WORLD’S FINEST as opposed to DEAD END, which basically took place in one alley.

    For kicks I downloaded the behind the scenes video on GRAYSON. I have more respect for it from the sheer amount of work and creativity involved in putting it together. I just think if you’re using that kind of movie to get a job in film, a low budget superhero movie might not be the best way to go. I dunno, he wants to be an action director, so maybe I’m wrong.

  8. Grayson:

    Hmm…well, the production value was right up there, but this is a really good example of how stupid these costumes look when translated to real life. Half of them look like they’re replicas from the 60’s TV show, and the other half are worse.

    Also, why did he have half of his characterizations from the 60’s show? Penguin? Catwoman? What’s the deal?

    Finally, I can’t believe he bastardized an Audi TT to make that.

    And Conor’s right, the character seems off.

  9. World’s Finest….

    Better than Grayson. Again, Those costumes look pretty silly in real life. (The animated series is where they looked best.) And I don’t ever ever ever want to see the Bat out in daylight again. Ever! That superman actually looked pretty good. He was the correct body type. I bet they were using camera angles to make sure he didn’t look too short. Except batman looked a little shorter than he should have been.

    Again, I love the Batman TAS characterization of Two Face, so this one looked really dumpy in comparison. Lex was pretty good, as was Lois. Perry was fat, and Schillinger could kick his ass. (!)

    Good graphics, and pretty good homemade effects.

    Was all that plot straight from that other World’s Finest that was done a couple years back? I think Loeb wrote it?

  10. Looked like it.

  11. See, I didn’t think that the costumes looked that stupid, just that some of them were made poorly.

    Other than that I thought they looked fine in real life.

  12. I think the big problem is that those costumes look fine when viewed in the real life context of when they were designed, which was 1930-1960.

    Since then, textiles have made an incredible leap and the idea of things that can be done with armor/clothing/chemicals/textiles is much further than what was done back then. Basically, you wouldn’t go to the arctic wearing all wool now, but you would have 50 years back. So in that sense, it’s not a realistic thing to have the suits look so traditional. I really think you’d see something more functional. Now that being said, what purpose does superman have for body armor? I don’t know. But any other fabric would get ripped to shit.

    I’m just picky I suppose.

  13. Where was Superman wearing armor?

    I feel so lost today.

  14. He wasn’t wearing armor. I was saying that modern suits would probably employ a thin, light body armor, but then superman doesn’t really need that, and therefore mooted my own point.

  15. When I was at the comic store today, they were playing WORLD’S FINEST on the TV over the registers. Underneath the TV was a DVD for GRAYSON.

    It’s so strange how things just sort of it this community all at the same time.