Word Balloon Podcast – The Loeb Report Part 2

On this edition of the Loeb Report we get into the questions from our Word Balloon listeners. We’ll hear more about the creation of Ultimate X with Art Adams , and story points from HULK and New Ulltimates. We’ll learn about  the current status of works in progress, like Captain America White with Tim Sale and the yet unnamed Spider-Man project with J Scott Campbell.

And Jeph looks back revisiting details on Batman: Hush and Ultimatum, how he originally got the job writing Cable in 1994. You’ll find out Jeph’s view on this years slate of comic book films, what pieces of original art he owns from past collaborators, and the difficulties of writing Spider-Man’s quips, and the toughest story Loeb ever wrote., and the seemingly unending  teen devotion to his work as screenwriter on the films Commando and Teen Wolf.


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  1. In some prior L.R.s Mr. Loeb has, at times, come off as confrontational and, well, a bit dick-ish. But in these past two Episodes of W.B. he’s significantly more mellow – as was his Don’t Miss with Ron a couple of months ago.

    Coincidentally, I’ve also been enjoying his work more of late, but hey, let’s face it, anything above "I hated this comic" would be an improvement for me. Hulk has been fun and Ultimate X is a fine book.  I still think Ultimates 3 is an abomination and that his Wolverine run shouldn’t count continuity-wise, but I no longer have that knee-jerk "Jeph Loeb wrote this ergo it sucks" reaction. He also seems to be remarkably well suited to his TV development role. 

    Thanks for helping me reevaluate and readjust my views, John.