Word Balloon Podcast – The Bendis Tapes Part 4


  1. Oh my gosh! Bendis and Siuntres are a force of nature! Unstoppable!

  2. This is the podcast that never ends! 

  3. Unless Bendis hangs up the phone ; )

  4. no kidding there’s at least 2 parts to go!  we had 130 questions , and most aren’t like "what’s your favorite color?"

  5. I’m #90 in the queue I believe, stillllll waitin!

    Another good one. Thought Bendis had his "funny" working this episode in particular.  

  6. jason , you’re in next week’s part.

  7. A live Bendis Tapes at SDCC?

    Oh, ill be there!

  8. I’m going jogging tonight!

    You guys are helping me stay fit!

  9. Another great installment. Thanks to you both, especially for the list of recommended film(s) noir(s).

  10. Suggestion to fill Bendis’s radio void when Stern quits: A daily show w/ Siuntres and Bendis!