Word Balloon Podcast – SDCC The Bendis Tapes LIVE

Word Balloon is proud to present our San Diego Comic-Con coverage, begining with John moderating Saturday's spotlight panel on Brian Michael Bendis. During this live presentation of the Bendis Tapes featuring questions from the con audience, Brian recieved the con's prestigious Inkpot Award from Comic-Con's Director of Print and Publications Gary Sassaman, Jeph Loeb asks Brian to be the Executive Producer of the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, and Bendis fielded many questions about his Marvel and creator owned books.


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  1. Sound quality on people asking questions is terrible. I can hear Bendis, but not great sounds either. John I can hear very clearly.

  2. We were not hooked up to the sound board. I tweaked the audience to the best levels I could.

    Brian speaks softly, even when on mike, and while he doesn’t project the way I do, I beileve you can hear him fine.

  3. thanks for responding, John. good stuff, regardless of my nitpick. look forward to more wb interviews.

  4. This was good as always.  In addition to the information/entertainment value, it’s also a pretty solid example of how invaluable/talented John is as a broadcaster when it comes to keeping things moving.

    Good on you, sir.  Thanks to the both of you for doing this.