Word Balloon Podcast Jeff Parker & Gabriel Hardman Talk Atlas #1

On this episode of the Word Balloon Podcast, the show celebrates our 5th anniversary having a conversation with the creative team tbehind the new Atlas series,  Jeff Parker & Gabe Hardman. The new Atlas #1 comes out next Wednesday.  We not only discuss the new inclusion of 3-D Man, the former Triathlon , but also the current comic book movie scene, their mutual love for Planet of The Apes, in particular the performance of Ricardo Montelban as Armando, the Circus Manager.

We also announce the upcoming Word Balloon Town Hall Meeting with Tony Harris & Steve Niles to discuss their formation plans with SAEG the Sequential Arts And Entertainment Guild. Keep watching for the date and time for this live Q& A event! 

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  1. Great podcast!!!

  2. Has the feed changed for word balloon? It hasn’t come through iTunes yet.

  3. it did for me. It hasn’t changed.

  4. Checked again, it’s there for me now.

  5. Was I alone in liking Triathlon? <_<