Word Balloon Podcast: Jason Aaron Part 1

On this episode of Word Balloon, Jason Aaron is back to talk about finding the voices of characters he writes. From discovering his take on Spider-Man for the Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine book (an iFanboy Pick of the Week), and the current arc in Wolverine: Weapon X, you'll hear plenty about the current Deathlok/Captain America story.  We also talk a lot about the upcoming reboot of the Wolverine solo book in September, including the opening arc called "Wolverine In Hell". You'll hear about Jason's versions of a senior citizen Frank Castle, and year one depictions of The Kingpin and Bullseye in the Punisher: MAX series, and why Aaron felt the tone of the MAX book had to change from Garth Ennis's run. Plus we've got details about Scalped, Jason's ongoing crime series for Vertigo. 




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  1. Great! Can’t wait to listen to this tomorrow morning. 🙂

  2. I read all of Jason Aaron books but man  Jason is a boring talker.  What he is saying is great but how he says it , is just so freaking boring and dull.  Still , the info we got from him was great.

  3. I’ll try to curse more next time.

  4. hahahaha.

  5. Not that I need to point this out , but Jason is one of the absolute best writers in comics, today, and I’m very interested in his POV and hearing him discuss character and his writing process .

    You can count on him being on word balloon anytime he has a new project, or to check in on his ongoing titles. 


    Luckily many thousands agree with me.  

  6. No doubt , Jason is one of my two favorite writers in comics.  The interview was amazing and I can’t wait for the new projects by him.  But Jason is still a boring talker. I just wish he was more excited about his projects as I am.  Maybe you were tired during the interview , but it is what it is.  I will continue to listen to all the interviews he does. I will also continue to support the work. I just want him to be more into the interviews.


  7. he’s just not a "chatter box" per se. he was into the talk you can tell be what he said , rather than how he said it.

  8. Jason Aaron is absolutely one of the nicest creators I’ve met.  He is one of the best writers in comics.  What makes him stand out in my opinion, is that he started so strong.  Read his earliest works available and you’ll see it is just as powerful and imaginative as anything he is doing now (and that is very very amazing).  I told him at EMCC that he has the ability to make characters I had absolutely no interest in compelling,… I had no interest ever in Ghost Rider.  Then I did.  Now I don’t anymore since he left.  He told me that there are no "bad" characters, only bad writers.  Only in his case.

  9. I certainly didn’t find this interview boring. Jason showed the proper amount of enthusiasm I think. He’s just not as loud or talkative personality as say, Bendis, Millar or Fraction. Doesn’t mean he’s not excited about upcoming projects.

    Great interview, John. Always a joy to listen to during my runs.