Word Balloon Podcast – Girlz In The Clubhouse with Kelly Sue DeConnick

On this edition of the Word Balloon Podcast, Kelly Sue DeConnick is here to talk about her recent run of stories at Marvel, from her one-shots featuring the Asgradian warrior Sif and Tony Stark's right hand, Pepper Potts (Rescue), plus stories happening in The Heroic Age & Girl Comics

I also felt compelled to get into a discussion about a subject that I thought wasn’t relevent anymore: is there still a glass ceiling when it comes to women creators in comics? Don’t we laud several accomplished editors, writers, and artists? Are women being denied the chance to make books, because of gender? Kelly Sue isn’t here to speak “for all womankind”, but I did want her point of view, and we get it. We expand on some thoughts she gave to the subject in her text interview from May issues of Marvel Comics.

Plus we've got the type of random pop culture fun you'd expect from a woman who’s married to Matt Fraction. Kelly Sue talks about her favorite kind of female heroes and villains, from Jessica Drew and Modesty Blaise, to actress Rosiland Russell .


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  1. Listening to this now. Great conversation, and I’m glad you did discuss gender in comics (both in the industry and in the books themselves). Really interesting stuff.

  2. Another excellent edition of WB. 

    Many great moments, but, one highlight for sure were the stories about Kelly Sue’s typewriters. What a baffling act of theft. Unless it was a clever alternate-timeline Matt Fraction creating a future opportunity for the perfect gift?

    As always, WB is a spoken form of hypertext with its array of references – my favorite from this one was Kelly Sue’s reference on the subject of comic creators and political views – this blog post by Kurt Busiek.  Glad to have discovered it; thanks, Kelly, and thanks Principal Siuntres for an engaging conversation (as always).

    Looking forward to Age of Heroes #3 now. 


  3. John, you’re my favorite comics pundit. I totally wanna drink beer with you.

  4. Thanks JJ . I’m not drinking like i used to, but I’m still social 😉 

  5. This was a really great interview. I’ve enjoyed Kelly Sue’s Marvel work so far and look forward to more of it. Oh, and congrats to her and Mr. Matt Fraction on the new addition to the family.