Word Balloon Podcast – C2E2 Coverage

On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, we begin our C2E2 convention coverage with three guests.

From the con floor artist Cliff Chiang talks about the new issue of Brave And Bold #33, on sale today featuring a girls night out between Zatanna, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman, written by J. Michael Straczynski. Plus Greendale, his upcoming Vertigo  original graphic novel, based on the music of Neil Young, written by Joshua Dysart.

We wrap up our talk with Matt Fraction, because we had to hold back our discussion about Casanova's move to Marvel's Icon inprint, it's conversion to color, and what it's like working with the Brazilian Brother art team of Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon.

Finally Brian Bendis is back to talk about his new creator owned Icon series Scarlet with co-creator Alex Maleev . We also talk about the iPad, and other digital issues regarding Spider-Woman, Powers, The Ultimate Universe,  and The Avengers .


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  1. if your looking for a time line it goes like this

    cliff chiang starts at 2:02

    matt fraction at 10:00

    Brian Bendis at 29:00 

  2. It’s so strange to see Word Balloon releases appear in the iFanboy feed… but thankfully I now have a reminder on a page I frequent often. Thanks for the heads up, off to iTunes and can’t wait to listen to the dulcet tones of Mr John Siuntres.

  3. @siraim. Same here I stopped going to the Newsarama page that often so it’s nice to see Mr. Siuntres here at iFanboy.

  4. Thanks for asking BMB about the Jinxworld membership system and its non-allowance of gmail, hotmail, etc. I understand his point about how it eases policing the site. I don’t necessarliy agree with it since I can’t use my work address for any personal reason, only have yahoo & gmail for personal accounts, and I’ve had said accounts for years and, oh by the way, THEY PROMINENTLY FEATURE MY ACTUAL NAME AND NOT SOME BULLSHIT PSEUDONET ID. C’mon Brian, Let Me In!

    Sorry John. Wrong place for that. Guess I’ll have to hope someone asks BMB What I want to next Bendis Tapes, though.

    More great interviews as always. Love your ‘cast.

  5. Oh, quick question: When will wordballoon get its own sticky thread or parking place with the video cast and POTW? This was only posted yesterday and it’s already burried in the (always great) gen-pop content feed.