Pick of the Week – Wolverine #5 – 09.18.2003

pick_091703.jpgStory by Greg Rucka
Art by Darick Robertson
Colors by Studio F
Letters by Chris Eliopoulos
Cover Art by Esad Ribic

Published by Marvel Comics / $2.25

It all basically came down to the splash page in the middle. If you’ve read this issue, you’ll know what I’m talking about, and if you go pick it up, you’ll get it afterwards. I can’t say that it’s very often that a page of art grabs me in a certain way, but this issue had a 2-page spread that just jumped off the page and made me go wow. It wasn’t a whole lot different than in X2 when Logan went off on the invading federal agents. It was good comic booking.

This marks the end of the first arc in what will prove to be a far too short run on this book for Greg Rucka, who signed an exclusive contact with DC this summer. The basic gist is that Logan meets a girl who’s brutally slain and he’s got to avenge her. It turns out the killer is a cult leader who’s got a bunch of wives and mean rednecks with guns who guard him.

Guess what happens.

And even though it’s pretty obvious what happens, and there aren’t any real surprises, it was still entertaining and was very patiently and expertly built to the height of the action over five issues. It’s just a solid comic book, as Greg Rucka has delivered over and over again in his books.

Mr. Robertson continues to impress me with his extremely adept handle on a book like this. It seems destined for him to be working Wolverine, a book that suits his style to the letter. It’s a little cartoony, and a little exaggerated and a lot perfect. I haven’t enjoyed Robertson’s art this much since Transmetropolitan, which is a milestone with which he’s likely going to playing catch up for many years. Still, it’s stunning to me that Darick Robertson isn’t the household name in comics that he should be. I’m guessing this book will thrust him to a higher stature if he stays on it long enough, and they get someone comparable to Rucka to keep things going.

I haven’t bought a Wolverine since this series was on its original #5, and I never thought I would. It’s an excellent book, and I’m sad that the end is near. Enjoy it while you can.

Josh Flanagan
Loves Rucka’s Ladies

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  1. I’m loving every second of this book. You’re right. it’s kind of predictable. It’s downright comfortable, but fuck it, sometimes that’s just what you need. The rednecks with guns element of the book reminds me of Preacher without necessarily ripping that book off. That can never be a bad thing.

  2. It’s not even a guilty pleasure, because sometimes a steak tossed on the grill is about the best thing you can eat. And this book is sorta like that.