Wizard to Boston: Drop Dead

Wizard has announced that it has canceled WizardWorld Boston 2006, that had been scheduled for early October. This comes on the heels of the aborted WizardWorld Atlanta show that was meant to crush the popular Heroes Convention.

This is sad news for comic fans in the Boston area (though not many, judging from last year’s attendance numbers), and it’s a (small) blow to the evil monolith that is Wizard.

Score one for the good guys!

It looks like Wizard is finding the road to monopolizing the US comic book convention to be a bit bumpy.

I went to WizardWorld Philadelphia a few years ago. It was awful. I was completely bored after only a few hours. It was a complete and utter disappointment.

I don’t like Wizard’s business practices (especially in the way that they appear to try to strong arm other conventions) and I don’t like the image of comics and comic book readers that they promote. So I’m not all that broken up about their troubles.


  1. I went to WizardWorld LA two years ago and was decidedly underwhelmed. People who went this year reported little improvement. You think they could pull together something a little bigger.

  2. And WizardWorld LA was supposed to be the big shot across the bow of the San Diego Comic Con.

    Maybe they figrure having a near-monopoly is enough to almost completely ignore the quality of the product.


  3. I remember realizing that WizardWorld LA was going on, and that it was like two days away.

    I thought about it for about a minute, and decided not to bother. And apparently, I didn’t miss anything.

    On the other hand, I’m, right this moment, seriously jonesing to go to the San Diego Comicon. However, I’d like to go to the Comicon of 2001-2, rather than the 2006 show. They changed man…it used to be about the comics!

  4. Yeah. I went to Comic Con last year, and it was nothing but Hollywood!

    Though, I did have fun looking through the dealers’ room. Boy, I never knew there could be so many good looking men at a comic book convention. *grins*

    The Cons are getting too expensive. I went to the FX Show this past weekend in Orlando and this was about as close as I’ve ever gotten to redneck fleamarket of a comic book convention. Don’t get me wrong, I had fun, but it was $16 to get in the door. The “celebrities” they had were charging $25 for an autograph – if you and something for them to sign (extra to buy something for them to sign). Plus, there was NO Q&As or panels.

    I’m going to MegaCon Next month. I’m hoping for something a little bit more. But I’m not holding my breath.

  5. There wll definitely be an iFanboy presence at this year’s New York Comic-Con, and there is an outside chance that the whole team will hit San Diego this summer.

    Expect convention coverage at it’s snarkiest. It’s a rich iFanboy tradition.

  6. come to megacon. Jonathan Kent will be there.

  7. Are they gonna dig him up and prop his mummified corpse up like King Tutankhamun?

    Because if so…

  8. MegaCon! I’m so going.

  9. I would totally go to MegaCon, but its the same weekend as the NY comic-con and that’s less travel for me 🙂

  10. My girlfriend is in love with Jonathan Kent. We’re gonna be up all early and in line to meet him.

    A couple of years ago Cloe was there, but I didn’t feel like getting up early for that. Even though I’m in love with her and Clark should give her a chance because she makes a lot of reference jokes.

  11. https://ifanboy.com/gallery/daythree/sd03_smallville1

    Chloe was very scared of the comic geeks in San Diego…

  12. I’m mostly interested in the panels (there’s one for Independent Film Makers and then one with an Anime translating company in Tampa) and the dealer rooms.

  13. I enjoy the panels as well, but looking at the event list for the New York Comic-Con, it’s starting to look like Team iFanboy will be spending a lot of time roaming the floor.

    Possibly trying to pick up chicks.

  14. So, by “team iFanboy” then, you mean yourself? Or are you bringing draftees?

  15. Team iFanboy!

    Ron & I.

  16. So Ron will be picking up chicks then?

    The scandal!

  17. He’s my wingman.

  18. I can buy this.