Will they call it ‘Atlantis’?

According to the vile New York Post, the ratings for the episode where Aquaman guest starred on Smallville were good enough to warrant talk of a spin-off.

You have to register to get the full story, but I don’t trust the Post with my e-mail address, not even my unused addresses.

I really liked Aquaman on Smallville. He was a little hokey, but that worked for the character.


  1. OMG I hope they don’t spin it off…i couldn’t stand the guy who played Aquaman

  2. You can’t stand anybody.

  3. What do ya mean, BRO?

  4. hahahahahahahaha

  5. haha great post.

    I can stand people – just not second rate WB actors…like Lana’s boyfriend last season and both the actors who played the Flash and Aquaman.

    I like Lex and Lionel and even Clark…Brainiac is great casting too…
    you can’t tell me you didn’t cringe at that guy playing Aquaman?

  6. I didn’t.

  7. Wow. Yet again, how amazingly clueless network execs prove themselves to be.

    It wasn’t Aquaman that had everyone tuning it. A special sect of Buffy fans, James Marsters fans, proved their power once again but raising the roof on the numbers.

  8. So why was it that episode, as opposed to the others that Marsters was in that did so well?

  9. Not that network execs aren’t totally clueless – because they are.

  10. How many was he in before that? One? Frankly, I don’t know because I can’t stand Smallville.

    I’d have to check with the one fan of his I can still stand to verify, but I believe he only appeared before that in an episode.

    Come on. It was AQUAMAN. The Flash didn’t score that high in the ratings, and he’s cooler!

  11. James Marsters has appeared in:

    Arrival – 9/29/2005
    Aqua – 10/20/2005
    Thirst – 10/27/2005
    Splinter – 11/10/2005

    Okay, so you’re right – that was his first full episode (He was just a non-speaking cameo in Arrival).

    You people are crazy – Aquaman rocks!

    I’ll be honest, I’d love to have an Aquaman spin-off solely because I really like this universe that they’ve created and I want to see more DC characters brought to the screen.

    And, I really like Aquaman. Always have. Don’t know why. For a while when I was a little kid, I liked him more than Batman.

  12. Flash trumps Aquaman, but the actor playing the Flash sucked too.

    Honestly, that episode got such great ratings cause it was the first episode on while the OC was on hiatus cause of baseball.

  13. Aren’t THE OC’s ratings way down season-long?

  14. PS – See? Ron can’t stand ANYBODY.

  15. yes the OC’s ratings have been down a bit – but the fact that smallville’s jump when the OC isn’t even on? what has Smallville’s ratings been over the past 2 weeks (which have been great episodes) How did the Wopat/Lois strips episode do?

    and to quote my previous post:
    “I can stand people – just not second rate WB actors…like Lana’s boyfriend last season and both the actors who played the Flash and Aquaman.

    I like Lex and Lionel and even Clark…Brainiac is great casting too…”

  16. What are your thoughts on Brian Cox?

  17. now you’re just pushing my buttons.

  18. Leslie Stahl?

  19. My girlfriend makes me watch Smallville every week. Every week i go into this wierd defensive sarcastic kind of look-for-holes-in-plot-mode where I sit there and say “OH, AND LEX DOESN’T HAVE AN ALARM” or “OH AND NOBODY WANTS TO FUCK CHLOE EXCEPT FOR PSYCHOPATHS” and it’s horrible.

    That show just gets in the way of my watching EVERWOOD.

  20. Okay. You guys keep talking about the O.C. ratings, and I’ll force you to give up your domain and deny your claim to be fanboys.

    And I don’t want BAD spin-offs. Frankly, invest the cash to get better writing staff, cooler effects and better actors in guest cameos.

    Frankly, I go the science geek route: CSI still ROCKS! Heh.

    And I call it now: watch the ratings when the fans find out that James MAY be naked. It’ll be fun to see what the network execs come up with as an excuse for the best ratings ever.

    Ron’s right. Flash beats Aquaman hands down but the actor that they had play the kid flash sucked.

  21. Ron’s the only one here who watches THE OC.

    I’m a CSI-lover myself.

    Josh doesn’t like TV. 😉

  22. Josh needs to get HBO.

  23. Josh has HBO. He loves HBO. He loves DEADWOOD and ROME and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and LOST and possibly other shows that I can’t think of right now.

    I was just teasing Josh because he thinks that Ron and I like a lot of “crap”.

  24. Well, after ROME, DEADWOOD, CARNIVALE, SEX AND THE CITY and SOPRANOS, it’s hard to go back to network television. 🙂


  26. I watch a lot of TV now. Every friggin’ night my Tivo is loaded.

    I do some TV in trade paperback form as well, with DVD sets rented, like Battlestar Galactica, which is excellent. I watch Lost, Deadwood, Sopranos, Rome, the Shield, My Name is Earl, Arrested Development, Real Time, Daily Show, Colbert, Some of the Adult Swim stuff, Everybody Hates Chris…uh, I tivo a lot of food network stuff. I watch reruns of SVU for some reason. We did watch Project Greenlight, and Situation Comedy, as well as the first 2 seasons of the Apprentice. I don’t watch any of the big reality shows. Lindsay watches grey’s anatomy and Invasion, which I don’t watch.

    I don’t think you watch crap. I just don’t like a lot of it. I don’t think it’s bad.

    But I do know EXACTLY what the Dude is talking about when he watches stuff like that. I do that when my wife watches something I don’t like. It’s usually best when I leave the room.

    Finally, I’m about to give up on Curb Your Enthusiasm, because it’s sucking. Except of course this week, when Rob Corddry played a sex offender who moved into the neighborhood, and it was brilliant.