Tom Cruise Wants to Play Iron Man. Who’s Next? Moon Knight?

It appears that Tom Cruise wants to apply his “I’m acting like Tom Cruise” formula to a Marvel Comics character. Yes, the man who would be a samurai would like to strap on the armor and play Tony Stark, Iron Man. Oddly enough, I think he could do it.

Cruise is one of my pet peeve actors, because he seems to basically always play himself. Still, the swaggering, cocky, good looking actor is just about the same way I picture Tony Stark, so I guess it could work out.

How long until this superhero fad is over and we can go back to comic book news?


  1. This is been rumored and talked about since…. I’d say at least five years. I could be wrong, but it’s been since at least the first X-Men film came out. I hope it happens, I really like Tom Cruise.

  2. “I really like Tom Cruise”

    You know, I don’t know why you and I are even friends. We agree on nothing!

    Except Oz.

  3. Tom Cruise plays Tom Cruise just like Cary Grant always played Cary Grant. I have no problem with movie stars who do that.

    Did you hate him in Magnolia, too?

  4. I didn’t really like Magnolia. And he was OK in it. But it wasn’t my thing.

    I didn’t always dislike Cruise. I just think that recently, he’s been the same thing over and over, and that bores me.

    An aside is “A Few Good Men” where he played himself, but I really liked it. But the MI movies, Minority Report, Last Samurai, and so on have been blase.

    On the other hand, a movie like “Born on the Fourth of July” proves he can do excellent work, but he chooses not to, going rather for big money maker movies.

    I take a Russell Crowe over a Tom Cruise any day of the week.

  5. It appears that Tom Cruise wants to apply his “I’m acting like Tom Cruise” formula …

    LOL! That’s it, isn’t it? I’ve heard three people describe his latest movie that way….

    Yeah, he’d do an okay Tony. I mean, I liked MINORITY REPORT well enough, he can do the action.

  6. “I take a Russell Crowe over a Tom Cruise any day of the week.”

    I have room in my heart for both the Cruises and the Crowes.

    I liked MAGNOLIA, but that might have a lot to do with the time and place in which I saw it.

  7. Ugh…you can have Crowe. He does nothing for me…

    The only movie of his I’ve really enjoyed is “L.A Confidential”.

  8. Insider!

    Master and Commander!

    There’s a guy who does characters!

  9. How can you forget GLADIATOR?!?

  10. eh, I’m with Toga – he doesn’t do it for me

  11. Gladiator wasn’t his best acting, Oscar aside. A Beautiful Mind wasn’t a great movie to me, but his performance was good.

    Insider is the one that really convinced me about him.

  12. Yes, THE INSIDER was excellent, and one of my favorite Crowe films.


    I seem to recall a lot of talk after GLADIATOR about living a life of whiskey and raw meat and no furniture. THE INSIDER did not move us in such a way.

  13. The things I liked about Gladiator had very little to do with actual acting ability, and was more about being completely and totally surly and mannish.

    But as time went on, that isn’t the best example of Crowe’s work.

    But I’m still convinced, that for at least a period, Crowe lived in a small wooden apartment, with no furniture, and his diet consisted entirely of meat and whiskey.

  14. “A Beautiful Mind” was good because of the cast, had nothing to do with Crowe’s performance.

    And Gladiator? Really did nothing for me….I saw it once and went, “Yep, saw it.” And have had no desire to see it again.

    For some reason, outside of “L.A. Confidential”, I can’t ever seem to really connect to his characters. I’m not drawn to them, I don’t root for them; hell, I mostly don’t care either way for them. And since he’s mostly the central figure of any movie, that’s not good, I think.

    But it just may be me…

  15. And Ron.

  16. *giggles* Yes, and Ron.

  17. I think Crowe would make a good Batman.

    Or Aquaman….

    That would be sweet.

    Toga, see the Insider. If not for Crowe, than for Pacino at his recent finest.

  18. I haven’t seen that one….and I will. I tend to do stuff on word-of-mouth. You’re the first one to ever recommend. And I do like Pacino…

    Crowe as Aquaman….that might work.

  19. I wholeheartedly endorse THE INSIDER as well. Excellent, excellent film.

  20. “The cat…COMPLETELY out of the bag!!!”

  21. Why stop now?,71802,.shtml

    Kevin Smith interviewing Tom Cruise.