Trailer: ‘Superman: Doomsday’ — Where We You the Day Superman Died?

The trailer for Superman: Doomsday the first of the DC universe animated adaptations of stories from the comics is coming soon and here is the trailer:

You can also see it here.

I found it funny that they say this is “inspired by the best selling graphic novel of all time.” Really? Is the “Death of Superman” the best selling graphic novel of all time? Really?

Regardless, Bruce Timm. Superman. Animated movie. I’m there. Although this begs the question, will the other movies in this series be animated in the Timm style? Or will they stay true to the look and feel of the original comics? I could see this one making sense because I couldn’t even name the artist who drew this original story (Dan Jurgens?) but some of the other titles teed up for this treatment have very defined art styles…


  1. what other movies are they making. I remember hearing something about New Frontier or something.

    PS: Yeah, it was Jurgens

  2. New Frontier and The New Teen Titans: Judas Contract are the only two in active development, but many, many more ar planned if these sell well.

    Read more about it here:

  3. OH Awesome, I’m there! I’m so THERE!

  4. That’s Lois, right? It’s strange, because her design is the only one radically different from the regular Superman series.

    Where was I when Superman died? Probably in the bathtub, pretending the shampoo bottle was a submarine. I believe I was 9.

    Can’t wait for the DVD.

  5. Anne Heche as Lois Lane? I hadn’t heard that one yet.

    September 2007? Anyone know of an updated release date? That seems like a long time.

  6. Wikipedia says September 18, 2007. Who knows if that’s true.

    I signed up on Amazon to have them e-mail me when it’s available.

  7. I’m on a thing like hot cakes 🙂

    The Superman run where he died was the first comics I started buying ever! It was with those books that racked up five years worth of Superman comics, I don’t care what people said about comics in 80s and 90s those books for a kid like me then were what I wanted and needed and it would be a crime against my childhood self not to buy this DVD.

    Plus it looks really cool 🙂

  8. Does look good. What stories would you guys like to see them animate next (other than those already announced)?

  9. “What stories would you guys like to see them animate next (other than those already announced)?”

    The Killing Joke or DKR (Those would probably get a PG-13 though, it not an R for Killing)

    The Long Halloween. Nightwing Year One. Maybe Some Green Arrow/Green Lantern stuff would be awesome. There’s more, but having trouble at the moment.

  10. I honestly thought this trailer was pretty stupid. I’m psyched about the movie but this trailer didn’t really do much for me.

    “See Superman in love! See Superman in battle!” What is that?

  11. I wonder if they’ll do the whole Superboy, Steel, Eradicator and Cyborg storyline like they did in the comics, it would be pretty sweet if they did but it’s unlikely they will in my opinion.

  12. I’m pretty sure that since Darwyn is involved in New Frontier, it’ll lean more toward his art style than anything else.

    I also recall Levitz saying that Judas Contract would look more like George Perez’s art than the art they used on Teen Titans (Go).

    I remember reading somewhere that the next two features would focus on Aquaman and Wonder Woman, but don’t quote me on that (since I have no idea where I read it…Newsarama?)

    Here’s a link to a Bruce Timm interview…nothing about what comes next, but it does list the cast list for New Frontier.

    Kingdom Come and The Great Darkness Saga have both been mentioned, but no confirmation…yet.

  13. Looks to be cool. I remember reading this series when I was really little and thinking, “I can’t believe they killed Superman. Who kills Superman?” Like others, I bought subsequent issues wanting to no more and then bailed when the “four Supermen” came. Even then, my young mind smelled garbage.

    I’m pretty excited by this trailer, but I’ll be honest when I say that I’m surprised by the art style. Looks very much like the previous cartoon. I thought they might go for a more realistic style with this. Oh well, I’m sure it will be pretty good. My fingers are crossed that it is better than the Iron Man movie.

  14. that does look frickin cool, i love that old DC animated style and i m glad they brought it back for this flick. i would love to see thsi follow the original story but even if it doesn’t, it will be great to see that superman/doomsday battle!

  15. this is what the movie should have been. i liked the movie but it was ssslllooowww. this dose look cool.

  16. Superman: Doomsday

    “Relive Everything that Sucked about Comics in the 90’s”

  17. “this is what the movie should have been. i liked the movie but it was ssslllooowww”

    It’s funny you say that because for the longest time I’ve argued that the DC animated projects (like Batman: The Animated Series) have been far and away better than any live-action work from Warner Brothers. With the exception of Batman Begins, their live action work is not where it should be. Marvel gets it. The DC properties do not.

  18. Sadly, I just don’t give a shit.

    Call me when they animate Captain Marvel. 🙂

  19. As much as I love the old animated series, I’m a little dissapointed that they went with the Timm style animation. It seems that Timm is the default choice for the animation for all things DC and I would’ve liked to have seen something new (and not anime-ish like Teen Titans or The Batman).

  20. “Like others, I bought subsequent issues wanting to no more and then bailed when the ‘four Supermen’ came. Even then, my young mind smelled garbage.”

    In my opinion, it’s one of the most original ideas in comics in the last 20 years. If you look at the Return of Superman as an apologetic work, then each of the Supermen represents a way they could have re-invented Superman after his death. Ultimately, each one of them doesn’t measure up, and we’re left with the original Superman all over again. Interesting enough, I think it’s ironic that the real villian throughout the entire series was the “inhuman, robotic” man of steel. I think that if you read the saga with that viewpoint in mind, The Death and Return of Superman ranks on up there with the best of the Superhero Revisionary narratives, Marvels and Kingdom Come.

  21. Wow! This looks fantastic. Even though it is very much in the animated Superman series style, it looks much darker and more intense. Even the way he flies looks more powerful. I am very excited about this!

  22. The website is up with a little snippet of the featurette of the making of the movie.

  23. Really…how much did the novel sold?