‘Superman Returns’ Poster: “Where Have I Seen That Before?”


The poster for Superman Returns is out and making its way around the internet. I wonder if Alex Ross gets a royalty or anything…

You can see the full poser in all its glory after the click, feel free to grab it for your desktop wallpaper.



  1. I always wonderd where he kept the hair gel when he went from Clark to Superman. I know he has super speed, but I wonder, or is that “Geled” look his normal Krypton hair? All jokie aside, awesome poster.

  2. In this version, instead of a reporter, Superman models for Abercrombie and Fitch.

    And he has no pubes.

  3. How GAY is superman? Find out now!

  4. I wonder how much of “middle america” realizes what Bryan Singer is selling them?

    God I love that about him.

  5. If supes has no pubes, then I hope they show the scene where he uses his heat vision and a mirror to shave them.

    those are the kind of details I think all comic book nerds hope to see in their comic book films.

  6. That’s the thing. ONLY his heat vision could do it!

  7. please stop