When Marvel Movies Spin Out of Control: New Hulk Film a “Do-Over” NOT a Sequel

Apparently, the upcoming Hulk movie will not be a sequel, but rather a “do-over.” I don’t even have anything snarky to say about this, I’ll let Avi Arad’s quotes do it for me:

ARAD: … a lot of people are looking forward to the comic book version of the Hulk. That’s the one we are making, and I think it will be incredibly satisfying. It will be big and awesome and a big ride.

iF: So will you be recasting Hulk with completely new actors?

ARAD: It’s a “do-over.” I loved the Hulk movie, it was just a different approach, and it wasn’t exactly the comic. We want to be much closer to the comic. It’s what we would rather do.

*shaking my head in confusion*

Maybe we’ll get Rick Jones now at least…

So he’s basically admitting the first movie (which Conor and I actually liked) wasn’t what they wanted? So essentially, it was a failure? Sure, there’s no change this won’t confuse all the people who don’t follow this stuff regularly or anything…


  1. Guy’s full of crap.

  2. This blows.

  3. Good luck getting an actor better than Eric Bana. Or a director better than Ang Lee.

    And I’m guessing there will be no more Sam Elliott. We’re gonna get a WB Hulk. Pretty men all over the place.

  4. I’m amoung the few who loved the Hulk (I know people here love the Hulk too, but most internet comic sites will say it’s “garbage”) And this just makes me pissed. I was hoping they’d bring back Bana, he even said in a recent interview he’d love to, but they haven’t contacted him. So harah, another Marvel movie with the big “What could have been…” sticker right on it. Hopefully Spider-man 3 will break that recent trend.

  5. I don’t know what to think about this one. I think we’re safely past the tipping point where Marvel’s trademark is not the mark of quality films anymore, so I can’t say I trust Avi. At the same time, while I thought Ang Lee’s Hulk was very interesting and I thought I liked it, I found on a second viewing… that I was not able to complete a second viewing. Personally. So for now, I guess I’ll just hope Tim Story’s schedule is full when it’s time to make this one.

    (Jessica Alba is filming a movie in my neighborhood right now, and I must be the only man in America who fantasizes about running into Jessica Alba so he can talk her out of making FF2.)

  6. My god, I hate Avi Arad.

    In other news, Avi also said that they will be remaking the first two Xmen movies with Brett Ratner directing, and Pauly Shore playing every character. Probably.

  7. I can see this happening to DD too.

  8. Why linger on the past? Shit, you could fund so many more Marvel movies. Throw out good, SEQUELS, rather than reworking your past films.

  9. I hear there is an opening on extreme make-over on TLC. Maybe Avi-boy should send them his resume..

  10. Pauly Shore in the X-men remakes!! I’m for it!! HA!

  11. They want to make “The Comic version on the Hulk”. I find that to be a very interesting statement considering the hulk in the comics is ever changing. He has been grey, green, dumb, smart, etc.. And the Ultimate version even eats people. If you ask me the one in the excisting movie fits in ther just fine. They just needed to keep the story moving. altho the stuuf about his father is a major departure.

    When they do Irom Man I hope they use the Ultimate version of Tony Stark. I just love the idea of him on Larry King holding a drink of some kind. Not that I’m promoting excesive use of alcohal… hik

    The thing i want to know is, when are we going to see a good Captain America movie?

  12. It’s funny, because in the grip of all this USA flag waving, you’d think a good Captain America movie would be like printing money. Maybe there are some rights issues from the old movie. Dunno…

    Now, here’s where I make my departure from the group. I can understand why they’d make another Hulk movie. I really can. I think it will confuse the hell out of people, but people really don’t want a deep movie about the human id, and all that stuff, even though that’s the pretty much the underlying factor of the story of the Hulk as I understand it. If I was trying to make money, I wouldn’t have gone with that script or that director, but I applaud them for trying.

    The thing about the Hulk movie for me was that I didn’t think it was that good. I really respected the effort they were trying to make, and think that going out and trying something experimental and failing is likely better than taking the safe route and succeeding. But I do think the movie failed. It was too ambitious I think, and just didn’t work at the end of the day. There were definitely good things about it though, and I’d take it over Elektra any day of the week, but it did not succeed in its mission, in my opinion. So if they want to go out there and make a commercial movie where Hulk smashes, and they can sell more toys and license a cartoon series, I completely understand that.

  13. “The Dude?”

  14. That wasn’t you?!? I thought that was you!

  15. Totally not me.

  16. Identity theft!

  17. Count me among the people who didn’t like the Hulk movie. It was very long, and to be honest, I have never really been into the character.

    This is a horrible move by Marvel if it’s true. You have to give it another 4 or 5 years to recover and give the casual fan time to disassociate the name from the other movie. If it comes out soon, it has no chance to turn a profit.

  18. I really did like 75% of the Hulk movie – I liked how Lee played with using panels on the screen, almost liek a visual comic – he didn’t get enough credit for that…But I do admit, the ending lost me, but up until then, I thought it was great.

  19. When we were leaving the theater, I said, “Say what you will about the movie, that visual style? With the panels and all? That s*** was influential. You’re gonna be seeing that in every movie next summer.”

    Wrong. Always wrong.

  20. I forgot about the panels. That movie and American Splendor, they really worked within the comics idiom to give us something we hadn’t seen in films.

  21. I thought I was the only person who liked the panels. I have to say that this is the most lame idea that I have ever heard. I was entertained by X3, but now I understand what you guys meant when you said that succcss was going to encourage more bad ideas. Has there ever been a “Do over” in the film history? I understand there have been remakes, but this seems different.

  22. Nah, the panels rocked. Lee gets absolutely no credit for his visual style in Hulk, which I thought was very inventive.

  23. I did note and like the panels. But it still couldn’t save the movie for me. Even though I liked all the actors as well.

    The script just didn’t have it, in my humble opinion.

  24. Sorry “The Dude” was me. It was a name i used on another forom and i actually did have a few drinks that night and went into auto pilot.

    Sorry for the confusion,
    Chris N.

  25. DRINKS!

  26. The Dude Chris?