What the hell is iFanboy?

Well, some friends got together five years ago, and thought it might be fun to have a place on the web where we can talk about comics. And we can set it up so that anyone who wants to can voice their opinions as well. It will be something called a “weblog,” which we swear was a foreign concept at the time. And we were fanboys (face it, if you read and talk about comics, you’re a fanboy, or maybe even a fangirl). At the time, even the term i-whatever wasn’t that overdone. But regardless, we liked what we had, and kept plugging away at the thing.

But a lot has happened since the heady days of 2000, and we all agreed, it was time for an overhaul. With the success of our new Pick of the Week Podcast, a new energy ran through us, and we figured it was time to shine up the gal. While I’m not sure in what way the website is a gal, I’m sure you catch my meaning. It needed a facelift so that’s what it got.

In addition to the new look, we decided that we’d expand a little. We found that while we’ll always love comics, we love talking about other stuff too, like movies, and TV, and books, and web stuff, or anything else that comes to mind, and why shouldn’t we do that on iFanboy too? We’re always going to love comics, and they’re not going anywhere at iFanboy, but it’s time to open the doors a little wider, and let some sun in.

And that’s what we’re doing. In addition to the updated look, we’re going to widen our focus here a bit. Comics will always be at the center, but it’s a big world, and it’s getting bigger, and we’re pretty sure there’s something in there to either like a lot, or make fun of.

Here is a guide to what’s new on the site:

  • New Design – We’ve cleaned up the site design so you can get to the new and latest content quicker.
  • Comments – We’ve added a section on the homepage to highlight the latest comments, so you can check out who said what and where.
  • Pick of the Week – We’ve combined the Pick of the Week review and podcast into one easy to find place and have made it much more prominent on the homepage.
  • Frappr Map – We’ve set up a map on Frappr so you can see where everyone lives, so be sure to go here and tell us where you’re from!

Hope you enjoy it.

– Ron, Josh, & Conor


  1. This website has lasted longer than any job I’ve ever had as well as any relationship.

    I’m not sure what that says about me.

  2. Well, since the other 2 of us are married, I guess it’s you, not the website.

  3. Oh, I’m not blaming the website.

  4. Well, you shouldn’t, unless it has a place in your opening line.

    I don’t recommend that.

  5. LOL

    “hi i’m conor, i have a website called ifanboy, we talk about comic books… can i buy you a drink?”

  6. Don’t think it hasn’t worked.

  7. She looks good. Good job, guys. I’m glad you’re still here. Keep it up!

  8. New Year Dares:

    1. Conor MUST use this line and report back the response it gets…….. it’s better than half the crap that gets spouted in my direction these days.

  9. PS….. the site looks great. Well done. Love Frappr map.

  10. I will use the line at the next possible opportunity and report back.