What if there was a party, and User Reviews came late?

Maybe it’s the summer heat, or maybe it’s just that not many books came out last week, but we’re a little light on the reviewing this week, which makes the folks who did some good ones extra special.  Let’s waste no time.

lmiller31 likes Green Lantern #33, that he starts to complain about it, and then goes on to say it’s the greatest thing ever. His complaint is really only that he wants more, and he wants it now. Oh, and the names are just a bit lame.

Story: 5 / Art: 5

The interaction between Hal and Sinestro, which comprised the bulk of this issue, was fantastic. It’ll be interesting to see how Johns works out this whole Young Black Hand / Atrocitus / Green Lantern event and work it into all of their pasts. My only complaint was setting that whole fiasco in Sector 666. That’s just laying it on a little thick for me. It’s even worse than the name Atrocitus. I get it, he commits atrocities, just like Sinestro is sinister.


J4K3, whom I can only assume is in fact, L337, is ahead of me with Invincible #51, and until I find issues 48 and 49, I will hate him until his dying days.  Or, *ahem* I will hatezors him, in relevant parlance.  Hmm? 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

Invincible has been reinvented, for better or for worse. In my opinion, Robert Kirkman can do no wrong. So when issue 51 was shipped to me house I devoured it absolutely loved it. New costume, new partner, new-ish base of operations.. basically a small paradigm shift for the book.


patio, with Ms. Marvel #29 has finally, and sadly lost the faith. I know the feeling, and if you need it, I’m there, bro.

Story: 2 / Art: 3

Whew. Ok, I’ve defended this book for more than a year in the face of cover-after-cover by Greg “realistic-but-no-soul” Horn that makes it look like a vacuous pin-up magazine. In fact, I’ve argued, this has been a great solo character book (with a good backup ensemble) that actually had something to say.

Well, whatever this book had to say, it seems to have been lost over the past few months.

Thanks all, and make sure to check out all the reviews here.




  1. Aww, Josh trying to be L337 is cute.  But I’m pretty sure if you use "relevant parlance" it cancels out hatez0rs!!  Face it – those of us on the north side of 30 are probably too old for this.  It’s teh suxx0rs!1! but it’s true.  (Sorry, it’s my birthday — I’m filling silly.  And old).

    And, ahh, great reviews.  I’m always amused that nobody put the "Sinestro" thing together when he was a good guy.  "Oh, don’t worry, all it really means is left-handed!" 


  2. Dammit!  I went and used letters!  Like some noob!

    (See what I did there?) 

  3. You know what might help with the l337 cred?  Start spelling your dog’s name "630r63 c100n3y". 

    I can’t believe I just sat down and figured that out. 

    It takes me back to sixth grade, when some guy showed us that you could spell "60065" on the screen of a calculator.

    Yeah, anyway.  Old.

  4. w00t w00t!

  5. Clearly, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Which I guess means I’m old too. I did once try to text the Gettysburg address tho. This was as far as I got:

    4scor n 7 yrs ago r fthrs braut 4th on ths continent a nu n8shun…

    Again, I think this only serves to show how old I am.

  6. I just used an online translator: copy and paste.

  7. haha L337 translator.  That’s just lazy, Josh.  Rather ingenious though.