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While it may seem to some that we at iFanboy are, in fact, superhuman, it turns out that we cannot possibly cover every comic book out there. Further, it appears that from time to time, members of the community do not actually agree with everything we say. Shocking, yes. But as benevolent website managers, we feel some might benefit from other points of view than our own. 

We can hardly believe it either, but there you are.

As always, all ratings are on a 5 point scale, 5 being best, and 1 being a whole lot of suck.

Pol wrote a lengthy dissertation on All-Star Superman #10.

Story: 4 / Art: 5

Grant Morrison has come to accept that the true route to drama for the big blue boy scout is not through a cackling antagonist. Instead, he has focused his attention on Superman’s sense of responsibility. His hero complex.

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FACE comes along with a review with New Warriors #10, a book we’ve never talked much about, and apparently with good reason. 
Story: 1 / Art: 5
It’s official. This book is going nowhere. After the first couple pages you will find yourself in the same place you were several issues ago: wondering when Night Thrasher’s going to reveal himself and again listening to Jubilee bitch about it. Again and again and again and again.

cylonpete (who again is clearly not to be trusted) let us know that a lot of folks are missing out on a great book in Blue Beetle #25Story: 4 / Art: 4

With the exception of a couple odd issues, this has been great ride. It felt consistent the whole time and the character development has been very believable throughout the series. It’s rather seldom these days that a new character sticks, but I see a bright future for this new Blue Beetle, despite the numbers.

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Tork wrote a novella about The Mighty Avengers #11, and we’re glad for it. 
Story: 4 / Art: 4
We also get Doom’s internal monologue where he goes into the villainous exposition inside his head that we’re used to seeing spoken.  In a moment that just made me laugh, he ends his whole spiel by basically saying “This is what happened… but I’m not telling THEM that!”

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There’s the gauntlet. It’s sitting there on the ground. Who’s next to step up and contribute reviews to help the greater good? It’s about helping people, dammit!  That, or complaining about supervillains. Either way.


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I love that Darwyn Cooke totally shot down Morrison’s take on Superman in the video show this weekend.  Especially the responsibility and hero complex I mentioned.  I can see where he’s coming from, but if the post-modern Superman stories are this good, I can’t imagine that this hurts the brand.  So I have to respectfully disagree with the assertion that every Superman story has to be an all-ages comic and not something a little more adult.  


    Am I off base here?  This seems to be the type of story he was talking about.  Or was he focusing on something else?  


    (Disclaimer: I love Darwyn Cooke’s work and respect whatever he’s got to say.  I just disagree in this instance.) 

  2. Great reviews everyone.  I really enjoyed reading them and they made me realize how crappy mine were this week.  Man Pol and Tork really know how to lay down the words.

    Also on the topic of Superman, I tend to disagree with Cooke.  I usually like stuff that is a little more for all ages.  I feel that something like Superman for All Seasons is something that a 10 year old could read and I wouldn’t have any problems handing it over the them.  At the same time I love what Johns is doing in Action Comics and I don’t know if that is an all-ages story.  Or am I wrong on that one?

  3. You can certainly love the guy’s work and disagree with him. 

    I think there’s certainly a place for more mature Superman stories, just from the fact that they’re interesting if done well.  Morrison’s proven he can do good Superman in his JLA work, so it’s not like he can’t do it.

    I’m not sure what he was referring to, but I’m not sure it was Morrison, because AS Superman is sort of like a boutique book anyway.  I guess we should have followed up.

    I’ve got the first volume of AS Superman now, and I’m gonna give it another chance soon.

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Tork is a reviewing machine.  Drinking some Stephen King DNA each morning with your Cookie Crisp?  Damn.  I tip my hat.  


    That said, I also really appreciate the shorter reviews on the site equally as much.  There’s a lot to be said about managing a succinct review that lays it all out and can often be the deciding factor in picking up a book or not.  


    Good work, everybody.   

  5. I haven’t had a chance to read through all the reviews posted here yet, but I can confirm that Tork is indeed a review machine.  I think he’s either mentioned on the show or is posted in this thread almost every week.  If he’s got a smooth, buttery voice and podcasting equipment, the iFanboys may be in trouble.  🙂

    I wanted to add that a lot of the reviews were really good this week, and I enjoyed perusing through everyone’s thoughts.  I look forward to reading these tonight when I get home where the server at work doesn’t make this site run like a sloth. 

  6. Yes! I’m an IFanboy celebrity. Thanx Josh. You the man!

  7. You’re the one responsible for it FACE, not me.  Thank you!

  8. Great reviews.  Its been great getting to read everyone’s thoughts. 

    All star superman has been such an outstanding book.  Cooke’s comments on superman kind of blew me away.  He may not have been refering to allstar in particular but he did call his contemporaries lazy for not being able to write an all ages superman book.  It seemed as though he was more concerned with building new readership.  To me, both aspects should be covered.  Long time fans of superman deserve to have new, more "adult" stories as well as all-ages stories.  Both should exist to help build, as well as maintain, the brand. 

    That being said I totally respect Cooke’s opinions and will continue to buy anything he puts his name on!