Weekly Sketch Up – 7.05.2013 – Captain America Edition


Chris Giarrusso 


Steve Epting 


Gabriele Dell’Otto


Paul Renaud 


Gabriel Hardman 


David Marquez 


Francesco Francavilla 


Alex Ross 


John Byrne


John Buscema


  1. Avatar photo Jacen Chris (@jcbhatestweeter) says:

    I clicked this link and was thinking ‘It’s a crime if Josh didn’t find a piece by Gabe’. And…there it is. YAY!

  2. I can’t withstand the power inherent to that Buscema sketch.

  3. Amazing, one and all!

    Happy Independence Day! Thanks, Cap! 😉

  4. That’s super, soldier.

  5. Loved them! Also, couldn’t help but notice John Byrne’s snarky shot at Marvel.

  6. Oh, John Byrne, you so crazy.

  7. Hardman is my fave.

    Dell Otto second.

    Byrne third, if only for the © joke.

  8. Love Chris Giarrusso. Nice guy to. Met him at ComiConn!

  9. Mhmhmhmhm… Cap by Epting, it just feels right.

  10. The Captain America one is amazing.

  11. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Amazing, amazing gallery. I still can’t get used to the movie costume though (sorry Marquez). Just can’t.

  12. I really like the Alex Ross one.

  13. Wow. That is awesome. God bless Captain America.

  14. My criteria for a great Cap sketch?
    Not the shield but he MUST have a pair of kick ass wings visible!!
    It’s what makes him godlike IMHO.
    Dell’ Otto is my fav according to this stipulation

  15. Great sketches this week.Gotta love Cap!