Weekly Sketch Up – 12.21.2012


John McClane by Tyler Crook


Wonder Woman by Jaime Hernandez


The Shadow by Bill Sienkiewicz


Megan Draper by Dan Panosian


Liz Sherman by Kalle Malloy


Hawkeye by Steve Lieber


  1. Wonderful, as always! 🙂

  2. Stupid sexy Hawkeye.

  3. Tyler Crook for the win!!! Not sure about that Hawkeye pic, looks like a really bad Disney musical.

  4. I love checking this feature out every week and seeing characters I haven’t seen in comics, like John Maclane. Also, any time I can start the day with something by Bill Sienkiewicz is a good day.

  5. The Sienkiewicz Shadow is awesome!

    Really dig Crook’s work. Loved Petrograd. Is he on an on-going series anywhere?

  6. Would anyone else care to see the Hernandez brothers on a Wonder Woman book? I know I’d buy it.

  7. The Shadow is terrific!

  8. That Megan Draper is so great

  9. That Shadow sketch makes me yearn for the old Bill Sienkiewicz, Howard Chaykin, Kyle Baker issues. I might have to dig those out…

    the Tiki

    • You’re right Tiki, those were some great issues! Wonder what Kyle Baker’s doing nowadays? I feel like Sienkiewicz is slowly returning to the comics industry, I hope someone brilliant like Brian Wood or Jason Aaron does a book with him soon…or hey, why not Elektra II w/ Frank “goddamn” Miller!? More Sienkiewicz would be a godsend.

  10. Megan’s got a little J. Scott Campbell face goin’.

    The Sienkiewicz Shadow wins for me, which is tough to do in any contest that includes John McClane.

    “Fists with your toes. Son of a bitch.”

  11. Wow that Shadow is great. Sienkiewicz is nit or miss for me, but that one is a big fat HIT.

  12. That MAD MEN piece is pure gold.

  13. John McClane and The Shadow pictures for the win. In that order. Would love to see a 5-6 issue Die Hard series.

  14. The Shadow for the win if I had to pick one, then John McClane ….I love the Liz Sherman,really captures her potential and looks really cool with those boots n knee pads, more tactical outfit suits a BPRD agent.