Weekly Sketch Up – 11.30.2012

Rocketeer by Mahmud Asrar

Kraven by Tom Fowler

Cable and Domino by Kevin Mellon

Wreck It Ralph by Skottie Young

Captain America by David Marquez

The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot by Filipe Andrade

Judge Dredd by Andy MacDonald


  1. All lovely once again. Mahmud’s Rocketeer is gorgeous, that guy balances realism with motion and style so well!

    Skottie’s Ralph is awesome, I haven’t seen the film yet, but this kind of makes me want to.

  2. Dredd!!!

  3. best thing about that Captain America?The man in uniform is the focus and not the star spangled shield!
    Very nice touch and subtle coloring(not super bright red,white and blue)

  4. These are all great; absolutely love the Kraven by Tom Fowler.

  5. That’s a leaner, less bulkier Cap…I like it. The Rocketeer composition is unexpected.

  6. Wreck it Ralph!

  7. Oh my god! Big guy and rusty. I miss them so much, damn columbia pictures not releasing the show on DVD. But seriously i love how it captures the sleek 1950’s car look of the big guy and the use of shadow. Heh, makes it seem like they’re really made of metal.

  8. The Big Guy and Rusty sketch just made my day.

  9. Great to see a portuguese artist in this list.

  10. I mean on this list.

  11. Good week. I consider Asrar and Fowler two of my favorite artists and I can’t remember ever reading a single comic they’ve worked on. It’s all thanks to Sketch Up.

    Nice to see Big Guy and Rusty get some love. Such great design.

  12. I just found a “Big Guy and Rusty” comic at a thrift store. It’s number two, but it’s totally fun and oversized. The art is Geoff Darrow and written by Frank Miller. A beautiful and amazing thing I’d never heard of. Then I searched it and found out it was a cartoon?!

  13. That’s a damn nice Kraven. Love the shadowed face.

  14. Asrar’s Rocketeer is wonderful. Wish I could get a print of that.

    McDonald’s Dredd is cool – almost Bisley-esque. I checked out his blog, and his work looks like a mix of Moebius and Simon Bisley.

  15. Did you guys include the Cable & Domino sketch just for the camel toe or what?

  16. Mahmud Asrar is the unsung hero of comic art!

  17. I love Asrar’s art (remember the steampunk Supergirl from a few weeks ago??). Out of curiosity, Josh,are these pics drawn from the artist’s deviantart (or something similar) page? Just wondering how you go about picking (and more importantly finding!) this stuff – it’s easily my favorite feature!

  18. I want that Kraven piece on my wall