Weekly Sketch Up – 11.11.2011

G-Man by Chris Giarusso

Chew by Chris Houghton

Wolverine by Dustin Nguyen

Wildcat by Andy Taylor

Damian Wayne by Tom Fowler

Poison Ivy by Eric Canete

Max by Skottie Young

Robert Mitchum by Kevin Nowlan

Iron Fist by Francesco Francavilla

Agent Graves by Mike Fasano

Spider-Man vs. Wolverine by Yildiray Cinar


  1. At NYCC, Dustin Nguyen said he was working on a new DC book that’s coming out in early 2012, but he would not say what. Does anyone know?

  2. Wow how crazy was this week’s sketch up… Awesome pieces.

  3. Great stuff. Nice to feature Chris Giarusso’s G-Man – those books are awesome!

  4. Amazing! I love weekly sketch up!

    Favs this week are Scottie Young and Francavilla.

  5. who is robert mitchum?

  6. Skottie Young need to draw EVERY story from my childhood.

  7. All these great pictures make me feel like I have no business drawing.

  8. Nice selections this week. I thought Francavilla’s Cap (which was featured with Iron Fist on his blog) was amazing. Love the Fowler, Canete, and Nguyen pieces as well.

  9. What is Francavilla working on right now? His work is so great.

    • He’s taking over CAPTAIN AMERICA & BUCKY.

    • Yesh. Francavilla drawing Cap and Bucky after Samnee’s incredible issues???
      The Cap line of books have such great artists. (Butch Guice on Winter Soldier??)
      Who would have thought that there would be 3 awesome Cap related ongoings and that they would all be quite good? (I’m just making the safe assumption that a spy-thriller Winter Soldier title written by Brubaker will be good… bout as sure thing as it gets)

    • I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Cap and Bucky is one of my favorite books right now and my sadness over Samnee leaving is tempered by my excitement over who’s coming on board.

    • Am I right in thinking he has some Swamp Thing coming up?

  10. Some seriously great work this week. Nguyen, Taylor, and Canete (as usual) are my favs.

  11. Best week First to Last in a LONG time.

    Aside to Josh: Can we PLEASE ital, bold and edit our posts? Please?

  12. They’re all gold, but the Robert Mitchum, Max and Agent Graves sketches…yeah.

  13. Props to Taylor’s Wildcat! Love the Batman TBAB take on it!

    Seriously this is probably the best week I’ve seen where each sketch was better than the last!

  14. I wish I had a poster of that Agent Graves sketch.

  15. “What the fuck is the internet?”

  16. Faint hint of Templesmith in Nyguyen’s Wolverine, probably just the watercolor wash effect.