Weekly Sketch Up – 09/18/2010

Afrodisiac by Alex Robinson


Batman by Gabriel Hardman

Invinci-Bull by Scott Kurtz


Dr. Doom by Eric Canete


Man Thing by Tom Fowler


Green Lantern by Coran "Kizer" Stone


Paul Crocker (Queen and Country) by Chris Samnee


Cobra Commander by Dan Hipp


Tawky Tawny by Tom Fowler


X-Men by Michael Cho


Marvel Poker Game by Brian Hurtt


  1. That Samnee is awesome. I’ve been thinking about getting some Hipp prints though.

  2. Great collection of sketches! Really love the Hurtt and Robinson ones.

    Happy one of my con sketches made it in! 🙂

  3. I would love the Marvel Poker Game for my game room.

  4. Why, that Tawky look familiar…

    I like the Batman sketch.

  5. Why is Fowler not drawing a Man-Thing book (aside from the fact it wouldn’t sell, I know)? The Hipp Cobra is awesome, and the Invinci-bull made me chuckle.

    And Hardman – jesus christo!!! My new favorite artist.

  6. That Green Lantern is very asian cartoony to me or something you’d see on mtv anime back in the day.

  7. Loooove those last four.

  8. @intergy It looks even better in person, no? 🙂

    Fowler fans, make sure to check out his upcoming issue of Deadpool Team-Up (#888), it looks FANTASTIC.

  9. Michael Cho has such a strikingly similar style to Darwyn Cooke I almost thought the sketch was by Darwyn & got all of the hopes up, but alas it was not by Darwyn : ( lol Still very good though

  10. Fowler’s Man-Thing is huge!?! Seriously, awesome sketch! My fave of the week has got to be Hardman’s Batman, seriously moody! 

  11. I miss Q&C. 🙁

  12. Damn. Great stuff this week. I honestly don’t know which is my favorite.

    Canete strikes a chord somewhere deep in my loins. But that GL is pretty bitchin’ too. Hurtt’s poker game. Hardman’s Batman. Fowler’s Tawky Tawny. Cho’s X-Men. INVINCI-BULL! 

    Fuck it, this week is a tie across the board. 

  13. tawny is my favorite

  14. I think Daredevil is bluffing

  15. @Dork I love that assorted Marvel Family members are in the background while Tawny is having tea.

  16. lol i thought for sure that was Chris Samnee doing Don Draper

  17. I love Man-Thing….yea I said it.

  18. Can tell you, that Paul Crocker looks better in person. I stare at it.

  19. Ohhhh I hate you a little Josh.

  20. I want that GL one. That is sweet!

  21. I love the Tawky Tawny and X-Men but the Batman is further proof that GH can do no wrong and is completely and totally awesome.

  22. DOOM!  CANETE!  YES!!!

  23. That Batman is just…wow…