Weekly Sketch Up – 09/03/2010

Strangers in Paradise Slave Leia by Terry Moore


Wolverine and Sentinel by Doug Hills


Red Skull by Dave Wachter

Captain Marvel by Mitch Breitweiser


Hellboy by Duncan Fegredo

Thunderbolts by Declan Shalvey


Mike Norton by Eric Powell


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly by Dan Hipp

Dark Phoenix by Chris Samnee


Captain Marvel by Franceso Francavilla


A whole lot of Marvel Sketch Cards by Eric Canete


  1. I love this column so much.

  2. That Mike Norton sketch is kinda creepy.

  3. Why? Both of his hands are visible.

  4. Wow.  That Chris Samnee sketch!

  5. All of these are fantastic, as usual. But I especially love Terry Moore’s. Of COURSE Katchoo would have rearranged her costume like that.

  6. I love them all. This is my favorite additon of all the awesome new columns.

  7. Why does Lee Van cleef look like Dracula?

    Regardless, I will totally have it up on my wall.

  8. The need to putout books/posters

  9. There is not a Francesco Francavilla Captain Marvel book because why?

  10. When I saw that Doug Hills sketch, I literally said out loud "That is fucking awesome."  And I stand by my original sentiment.

    Also, I said it last week, and it still counts for this week… Chris Samnee is just in the wheelhouse of his talent.  Everything he does is just gorgeous.

  11. Love those Canete cards.  Why isn’t he on a monthly?  Also, that Mike Norton picture is hilarious. 

    All of this week’s choices were fantastic!

  12. I will NEVER look at another pug walking by with a straight face again!!

    Those Eric Canete sketch cards just have to be in production, right? The Colossus and Dr. Strange are my MUST haves!

  13. The Dan Hipp piece is my fav of this bunch. Maybe it’s his font choices, spot on characterizations, or just that great European flavor, but man, I can’t stop staring at it. Need to dig through my DVD’s now to watch this baby.

  14. That Captain marvel sketch is excellent. Well, they all are, but that one really stood out to me for some reason. 

  15. love me some chris samnee

  16. After the "boy’s" weekly POW podcast and my trips to the LCS this column is totally the high point of my comic week.  So much fantastic art makes me want to buy some art.

  17. that dark phoenix gave me goosebumps…

  18. Wow, as the page loaded, I said to myself, Well that’s Terry Moore.

  19. That Samnee sketch also doubles as a Mad Men sketch.

  20. Oh, hey! I made the weekly sketchup this week. Cool. 🙂

    For those interested, this was the finished version of that Wolverine/Sentinel sketch. http://bit.ly/bqmqA9 

  21. Agree that this is an awesome column.  Thanks Ifanboy.