Weekly Sketch Up – 08/27/2010

Prepare to be overloaded.

Adam Strange by Michael Cho


Werewolf by Peter Bergting


Black Panther by Gabriel Hardman

The Bride by Cliff Chiang


Captain Cold by Dave Wachter

Conquest by Jason Howard


Death by Chris Bachalo and Tim Townshend


He-Man by Andy Kuhn

Iron Man by Eric Canete


Atomic Robo by Kyle Latino

Plastic Man by Keiron Dwyer


Predator by Brian Hurtt

The Question by Chris Samnee


X-Men #35 tribute by Declan Shalvey


Nick Fury, Wolverine, and Tony Stark by Matt Kindt


  1. I love that Plastic Man sketch.  I imagine he is a fun character for artists to play with.

  2. Awesome all around.  I love that Dave Wachter Captain Cold.

  3. These are all amazing.  Great post.

  4. Wow! Hardman’s Black Panther and Wachter’s Captain Cold are outstanding (and should be given to me). The others are fantastic as well.

  5. Dave Wachter can do no wrong. 

  6. These weekly collections have made me a Hardman fan – I’m hitting his booth this weekend at Baltimore and will come away with something.

  7. Love the Captain Cold and Question sketches.

  8. I met Dave at comic geek speak supershow, got an awesome sketch from him (for like 10 bucks) and had a nice chat, very cool guy. His work is amazing and I wish he did nor comics work, his web comic guns of shadow valley is beautiful!

  9. Wow.  All of these were super awesome!  Nice finds!

  10. Damn.  That’s some amazing work ya posted.  I want it all.  Stupid reality.

  11.  That Captain Cold is Wach!!!

  12. My favorite is probably Cap Cold, but really, they’re all ridiculously good.

  13. The pulp adam strange is great. Sketch-up is your guys best new article, keep it up.

  14. That Adam Strange = Total Perfection! And that Question sketch screams Sin City! They are both just so amazing I am pleading you DC have these artists on these titles NOW!!!

  15. Hahaha for a second there I thought Plastic Man was stretching something else besides his eyes

  16. The Question, Chris Samnee, Vertigo Crime. It would be seriously killer.

  17. Yeah, there’s just something about the work that Samnee is doing lately.  Not that I haven’t liked his work for a while now, but the stuff he’s been producing lately (on ComicTwart especially) just has a really timeless quality about it.  Not that I really think it’s that similar to Darwyn Cooke, but it’s certainly got some of the same sensibilities.  An economy of line, yet with so much ability to convey mood.

  18. http://timtownsend.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2wuthf


    A larger version of the Bachalo/Townsend piece, because bigger is better according to my email spam.

  19. Epic collection of epic epicness.

  20. The Xmen tribute, Iron Men and Death picture make me smile and want to hang up my pencil at the same time.

  21. Canete Iron Man, lovin’ it. Nice post.