Weekly Sketch Up – 07/30/2010

I missed you art fiends.  Let's begin.

The Master and The Doctor by Blair Shedd


Wolverine by Francis Tsai

Magneto by Eric Canete


Spider-Man by Mitch Gerads


Storm by Ryan Kelly


Forgetless by Marley Zarcone


Thanos by Brad Walker

Wolfman by Chris Samnee


  1. Love the Doctor and the Master, but that Thanos sketch is delicious.

  2. That Wolverine scares me.

  3. Was Gabe Hardman sick this week?

  4. That is a very good Spider-Man skecth!

  5. Yeah it is, it’s got a bit of an Allred vibe to it.

  6. Chris Samnee should just get his own sketch column every week.

  7. The Thanos sketch is amaaaazing!

  8. Eric Canete still wows me with everything he does.

  9. one of my top 5 fanboy fantasies is a superhero comic by eric canete or skottie young, those guys are awesome!

  10. @wangman31888: Canete has already done a few. Most notably IRON MAN: ENTER THE MANDARIN which was awesome.

  11. Wow, some great black and white work from what looks like a master class in modern comic art work with a healthy dose of old-school inspiration.  Case in point: Thanos by Walker is amazing.  But Mitch Gerads’ Spider-man looks stunning.