Weekly Sketch Up – 06.08.2012

Abe Sapien by Stephen Green


The Spirit by Chris Samnee


Manhattan by Dan Panosian


Margot Tenenbaum by Joƫlle Jones


Judge Dredd by Dan McDaid


The Avengers by Dustin Nguyen


Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom by Dave Wachter


Clint Eastwood by Gilles Vracnckx


Air Cobra Commander by Andy MacDonald


  1. Love the G.I.Joe movie reference (cartoon movie, not that thing from a few years back)

  2. McDaid channeling Capullo
    Wachter’s Dr. Strange looks a LOT like Gene Colan’s Dracula from Tomb Of Dracula.

    Neither of these are negatives, mind you…just saying

    I really dig Panosian’s line work — his work on Unknown Soldier is good, too.

  3. JCB (@jcbhatestweeter) says:

    Nguyen’s chibi-stuff is so adorable.

  4. what kind of shoe deal does Cobra Commander have? I think he takes Lebron or Durant in a straight up playground one on one match (chain nets and all), but only because he’d pull out a gun and shoot their kneecaps if he was losing.

    great batch of sketches this week

  5. “I’ve been out walking….I don’t do too much talking these days…theeeeeese daaaaaays.”

  6. That Cobra Commander sketch is excellent.

  7. I wonder if Abe Sapien and Judge Dredd are shooting at the same thing.

  8. I want a Dr. Strange/Dr. Doom monthly series.

  9. Not a bad one in the lot!