Weekly Sketch Up – 05.25.2012

Battlepug by Andy Kuhn


Sweet Tooth by Skottie Young


Hellboy vs. Popeye by Tony Moore


X-Men by Evan “Doc” Shaner


Omar Little by Declan Shalvey


Kraven by Tom Fowler


Galactus vs. Phoenix by Dave Wachter


Justice League International by Yildiray Cinar


Captain America by Travis Charest


  1. Loving the Skottie Young Sweet Tooth!

  2. Wachter truly awesome!!!!!

  3. I feel like Doc must have been thinking. “i’ve got to give these people something they can use for their facebook banner!” I am considering switching to timeline myself to do just that.

  4. I haven’t seen anything from Charest in a long time.

  5. Wow. So many great pieces, but I can’t stop smiling when I see Tony Moore’s Popeye and Hellboy piece. That’s some great cartooning.

  6. Hellboy vs Popeye……..how was my life complete before that????

  7. Indeed.

  8. Why does everyone in the JSI poster except for Batman look like Marvel characters. Even Squirrel Girl is there. lol great looking work though

  9. Sweet! My Omar commission made it in.

  10. Looking at that Kraven from the waist down is fabulous.

  11. Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    Now I gotta find out who wins in that Pop-Eye Vs. Hellboy scenario!
    + Skottie Young never disappoints. Amazing sketches . . .

  12. Man, that Galactus & Phoenix sketch…..words fail me.

  13. That Charest piece is soooooo AMAZING!!!