Weekly Sketch Up – 05.10.2013


Evil Dead by Logan Faerber



Dark Phoenix by João Carlos Vieira


lando_skottieLando Calrissian and Lobot by Skottie Young



Roger Sterling by Tony Shasteen



Thor (?) by Walter Simonson



Superman by Ibrahim Moustafa



You’ll Be Safe Here by Dean Trippe


  1. Trippe not only managed to shove all those characters together but he also gave some of them full or partial redesigns which is even more crazy

  2. Hehehehehe Captain Planet

  3. Ok “you’ll be safe here” is now my wallpaper. Who’s the guy in the batman cowl and superman cape over captain planets shoulder?

    • Uhh Super Batman of course. And who the hell let Wesley Crusher in?!? And in his awful rainbow ensign sweater too? Ugh!!

  4. I took the Dean Trippe picture as this is where old costume designs and unused characters come. Either way its great and so is the Evil Dead pic.

  5. The Dean Trippe picture…

    Batman escorting the child to a safe place = the child’s imagination, where everything is possible and unlimited.