Weekly Sketch Up – 04.19.2013


Goat by Tom Fowler



Space Pirate by Travis Charest



Silver Surfer by Nic Klein



Hellboy by Andrew Robinson



Kate Bishop by Anna Sahrling-Hamm



Don Draper by Phil Noto


  1. I feel like its only a matter of time before IDW makes a Mad Men comic now

    • I can see it now, a Ghostbusters/Transformers/Mad Men/G I Joe crossover. (You don’t want to see what happens when Roger tries to hit on The Baroness . . .)

  2. Kate Bishop! Nice!!

  3. Is it just me, or do goats have the creepiest eyes ever!? 0_o

  4. I love that this article has a tag that simply reads “goat” . . . Seriously, though, that is one great image of a goat. The Kate Bishop is pretty impressive too.

  5. There is something mesmerizing about that goat……. I can’t look away…….

  6. Love that Kate Bishop. Mmmmm, goat.

  7. That goat. Just beautiful. And I’m liking the Silver Surfer piece.

  8. I love the Silver Surfer and Mad Men ones.

    Mike Allred should do a Mad Men picture, like have Don Draper meet Frank Einstein.

  9. “What is Sketch-Up? It’s a moment before you need more sketches.”

    Noto wins. But the Surfer is beautiful. Logic dictates that Robinson’s Hellboy is reclined on a rock, but at first glance it looks like he’s dancing a jig.

  10. What’s not to love about Quantum & Woody?