WEB COMIC: How to Make New Comics Friends

On the most recent Pick of the Week show, John from Orangevale asked for advice about making new comics friends. He's moving to a new school and isn't quite sure how to approach people about this hobby of ours. Where do you meet fellow comics readers and how do you broach the subject with others? If only we had body language cues like closeted senators. But in a post-Winnie the Pooh: Too Smart for Strangers world, inquiring whether someone is a Geoff Johns fan might feel like a gamble. They could say yes. They could say no. Or they could blow their rape whistle. This led to a broader discussion about our own social anxiety and Josh's uncharacteristically audacious measures in seeking Ron's friendship with the promise of a cookie those many, many years ago.

I think we ultimately agreed that, especially in a collegiate environment, fans of anything will inevitably find each other. There are clubs. There is happenstance. There is destiny. 

That said, we also suggested entrapment. 

Listener MLHay sent us these Scott Pilgrim inspired drawings based on our scenarios. MLHay makes it look far less sinister than it actually is. In fact, it's downright adorable. First up is my own idea, which could potentially be romantic. 


Then there's Josh's idea, which is a little more Silence of the Lambs.


Please don't try this. We don't want a letter from your RA. 


  1. Brilliant.

  2. Nice artwork!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I like how it’s a cute blond trying to capture the little boy. Ahh if only.


  5. these are amazing

  6. I’m so trying this as soon as exams are over

  7. Judging by the sideburns I’m guessing the guy in the second one is Ron?

  8. Best part? The crayon coloring. It’s like a con sketch by Art Baltazar.

  9. By using bagged and boarded comics you’re going after a particular type of comic friend;)

  10. Those are fantastic! The top one looks adorable!

  11. Thanks a bunch! It was kind of a big surprise when my artwork showed up in my RSS. 

    The one gentleman was not intented to be Ron, but I definitely have to cede to the sideburn link.

  12. awesome!

  13. Awesome artwork. I gotta say, that portion of the POTW podcast really had me rolling from laughter.

  14. So cute!

  15. cute chibi looking characters

  16. Love this!