We Say Goodbye to Seth Fisher (1972-2006)

I was shocked to learn this weekend of the death of comics artist Seth Fisher.

While not a giant name in comics, I became familiar with him with his work on Vertigo Pop! Tokyo, a couple of years back. I also knew him because he kinda stuck out among the creators hanging around the DC booth whenever I went to the Comic-Con in San Diego.

There are always a bunch of hip looking bald white guys around the Vertigo area, but Fisher stood out even among that crowd. So I was always curious what kind of work he did. And his work didn’t disappoint. It was very frenetic looking, but with rather simple line work, with lots of things going on in the background. It was obviously the product of a vivid imagination. It was exceptionally unique, and I will miss seeing more work from him.

He was clearly too young and talented to be gone so soon. You can see more of the work he left behind here.


  1. Thats a shame I really did like his work.