We Have a Superman, but who else will be cast in Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’?

After this weekend’s announcement that British actor Henvy Cavill had been cast in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel, the next obvious questions on fans’ minds are simply – who’s next? With the integral role in the film cast, who are the other actors that’ll fill out the cast in the other icon roles?

Rachel McAdamsAccording to an unconfirmed report from Australian entertainment website What’s Playing, five actresses have been asked to read for the role of Lois Lane but no choice had been made yet. The names reported by the site are Diana Agron (Glee), Malin Ackerman (Watchmen), Rachel McAdams (Sherlock Holmes) and Kristen Stewart (Twilight). Earlier today The New York Daily News said that Stewart was out of contention and Latino Review has said Olivia Wilde (Tron) has also read for the role. Warner Brothers’ decision rests on a number of factors, but most important of all seems a timeframe: the studio wants filming to begin in June 2011 to ensure a summer 2012 release date. Another actress I’d root for to be considered is Gemma Arterton (Tamara Drewe), who finishes shooting Men In Black 3 in May 2011.

For the role of Perry White, boss to both Lois and Clark at The Daily Planet, the role was previously played by Frank Langella. For the new Man Of Steel, could the studios do what they did in casting Superman and look at those they turned out for the role in Superman Returns? House M.D.’s Hugh Laurie was originally set to play the Daily Planet’s Editor-In-Chief and would be a striking addition and a veteran hand for a relatively young cast.

Chris ColferRounding out the core trio of journalists would be the impressionable Jimmy Olsen. In the Singer film the role was filled by Fanboys’ Sam Huntington, but for this relaunch it might be more apt to consider a younger person for the role – at an intern level – with soemoen like Chris Colfer (Glee), Erik Knudsen (Jericho) or perhaps Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Kick-Ass, Superbad). Either that, or travel in time and find a younger Francis Kranz (Dollhouse).

And last but not least is the villain. Everyone involved with the film has been particular mum about who Superman would face in this franchise’s relaunch – but given Christopher Nolan’s involvement and track record with Batman Begins, expect them to skip Superman’s primary foe Lex Luthor in favor of a lesser foil from the Kryptonian’s rogues gallery. Forget speculation on casting the actor playing the villain – first we need to decide on the villain!

Who would you like to see in the iconic roles of the Man of Steel ensemble?


  1. Jimmy Olsen = Michael Angarano. From Sky High. Kid’s could’ve been a great Peter Parker too
    Lois Lane = Emily Blunt.
    Perry White = screw it… I’m fan casting Robert Duvall.

  2. I think we’ll see a Lex Luthor set up, but certainly not as a main villain.  As long as he doesn’t do a real estate scheme, I think I’ll be happy with it.  I’d like to see Braniac hit the big screen.  

    As for casting I’d like to see Rashida Jones as Lois Lane.  Everybody else I don’t really have much of an opinion either way. 

  3. @redlibertyx  Yes to Jones as Lane! I was wracking my brain trying to think of someone. Olivia Wilde is an interesting choice, but I think she’s too hot to be Lois.

  4. I’m down with Rachel McAdams. I’d also like to see maybe Emily Blunt or Olivia Wilde. As far as Perry White, I’m going with Hugh Laurie or J.K. Simmons. Ma Kent should be Helen Mirrin (sp?). Pa Kent is a tough one, John Saxton maybe. I want Brainiac as the villain, voiced by Lance Henriksen.

  5. Thank the blessed virgin Kristin Stewart is not playing Lois Lane. The less I see of that overrated stick the better. Rachel McAdams would be good. What we need is an actor.

  6. Since he’s not going to be in Spider-man, I think we should see a cameo of J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. 😉
    Or just cast him as Perry White. Not great casting necessarily, but funny. And I bet Simmons could do a good Perry White. But once you get type-cast as the newspaper editor boss of super-heroes, your options for roles becomes very limited.

  7. I really hope Rachel McAdams gets the role of Lois and if not, then at least Malin Ackerman.  I think they both have the looks and spunk necessary for the character.  As for the other roles, I’m not sure, but I’d like to see Brainiac as the villain, played by Hugo Weaving.

  8. I find your all British actor casting of Superman to be both workable and strange. I love Huge Laurie and Gemma Arterton, but at the same time at what point are there so many british actors on set that your required to have tea breaks every two hours and start production with God save the Queen. This is Superman, He should be saving the Queen if anybody. God should be the villain, it’s the only person who can give Supes the challenge that we all want to see. That or a British Toyman played by Toby Jones, Or a British Lex Luthor played by stock footage of Rupert Murdock, Or a British Brainiac played by Simon Cowell. A British Parasite played by Brendan Gleeson, a British Mr. Mxyzptlk
     played by Ricky Gervias Or a British Zod played by Sir Ben Kingsly.

    Hell we can even get a red head Jimmy Olson if we go with the Ron from Harry Potter.

  9. It had better be Rachel McAdams or I’ll eat my hat.  And if its Olivia Wilde, at least the hat will taste sexy.

  10. Lois Lane may very well be the toughest casting assignment in comics. She’s gotta strike a delicate balance between strength and vulnerability, and be attractive but not look like a super model. Of the actresses mentioned, I think Rachel MacAdams has the chops and experience to pull it off, but the choice doesn’t thrill me. I like Chris’ suggestion of Gemma Arterton too.

    I’ve always thought Bob Hoskins would make a great Perry White. But then we’d have to listen to more people whine about the Brits “taking all the good work away from American actors” or some such nonsense.

    As for Jimmy, I’m at a total loss. Knudsen definitely has the look, but I’m not familiar with his work. Something about Colfer just annoys me, and it’s not the gayness. Maybe it’s his fish mouth.

  11. Rachel McAdams would be lovely as Lois. So gorgeous, but a great actress as well.

    I would LOVE Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Jimmy. Jimmy fits his sort of nerdish type casting, but would… or well… could have more depth to it. Besides, get some fire on the boys head and the look is great.

    Also, good call on Fran Kranz, if only. And now I will be fixating on that thought for the rest of the day. *sigh* *sweater-vest*

  12. I’d like to see:
     Perry White – Alec Baldwin
     Lois Lane – Rachel McAdams
    Lex Luthor – Billy Zane

  13. Hold on I’m not done with my Brit Casting.

    Doomsday- Vinnie Jones
    Professor Hamleton- John Clesse.
    Parasite- Nick Frost when big and Simon Peg when drained ( i know I’ve already done this one)
    Cyborg-David Tennant mixed with a Dalek.

  14. Oooh, Gemma Arterton WOULD be a neat Lois. I like McAdams or Wilde for it as well. 


  15. Not that they aren’t fine actors neccesarily, but I tihnk the less people from Glee, the better.

    As for Lois, I like the idea of Rashida Jones, but she never comes of as Type A to me, which is an essential part of the Lois character. Ditto Rachel McAdams.

    Personally I like Rooney Mara, but she might be commited to the rest of the Millenium Trilogy…

  16. Watch it be the girl from Twilight and the kid from Glee.

  17. @j206  Stewart’s reportedly out of the running. 

  18. STILL not done Brit casting

    The Daily Planet- The Daily mail.
    Metallo- jason Statham
    DarkSied- Brain Blessed.
    Granny Goodness- Helen Miren

  19. Could take it a whole different (Clooney Batman) route and have a Nick Cage Bizarro and a Gary Busey Darkseid.

    I didn’t have issues with the Returns cast, just didn’t care for the story. 

  20. @Wolfdog  Thanks. Now I’m going to be deeply depressed if we don’t get a Gary Busey Darkseid. My God … that would be AMAZING!!!

  21. I heard that Rashida Jones (Parks&rec) may be playing Lois. She’s definitely my top pick. As for Jimmy, I think Clark Duke (kick-ass, hot tub time machine) would be a great choice. Or maybe a bigger name like Jesse Eisenberg (social network).

  22. I think Zooey Deschanel would make a delightful Lois.

  23. Lois – Rashida Jones
    Jimmy – Jamie Bell or Anton Yelchin

  24. @lukehopkins  Is it worth pointing out that Rupert Murdoch is Australian-American?

  25. I have cast this movie in my head several times using my favorite people on the Internet.
    Wonderali for Lois Lane  
    Paul Montgomery for Perry White etc.

    I would love to see John Slattery as Perry.
    And my dark horse for Lois Lane would be Teal Shearer from the Guild. 

  26. @theronster  The Queen is on their money, They’re British.

  27. I think for Lois Lane we should have Erica Durance on the Big Screen she’s already the perfect Lois Lane IMO.
    For Ma Kent I will go with Helen Miren. For The Villian I would love to see Bizzaro or as much as I hate the character Doomsday. Lex Luthor could create Bizzaro like he did SUPERMAN TAS. 🙂 But still not have Lex being the main have him being the puppeter of everything in Metropolis. Lex Luthor should be played by Either Michael Rosenbaum or Jon Hamm 🙂

  28. Put me down in the Rashida Jones camp. As for Jimmy I think Mark Webber (Stephen Stills in Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World) would be awesome.

  29. Jennifer Jason Leigh from The Hudsucker Proxy. I’d stake my pulitzer on it!

    (Okay, okay… realistically, I guess I ilke McAdams.)

  30. @DaveCarr: Slattery is an inspired choice. Well done sir. He’d be a more refined Perry than we’re used to, but he’s got the attitude.

  31. Rachel McAdams of the people above.  I mentioned Wilde to a friend recently , but I like McAdams more (Wilde is my fancast for the Wasp). As much as i love Arterton, i dont think i could see her as lois, to young looking to me.  I could see Colfer as Jimmy. 

  32. Superman villains…

    Intergang led by Metallo 

  33. Rachel McAdams is not only a great choice, she’s actually the only one listed that doesn’t make me gasp with horror.  Here’s hoping she gets the role!

    Other than the listed names, I wonder how Kristen Bell would look with dark hair…Veronica Mars as Lois Lane feels very natural. 

  34. @bansidhewail  see Fanboys.  Its a bad wig but, with dyed hair she could do it. 

  35. I LOVE Rachel McAdams as Lois. I think she’d be really perfect. Of all the names flying around I like her best. I am also completely in love with @DaveCarr’s idea of John Slettery as Perry White. And while I never would have thought of Chris Colfer as Jimmy Olsen, I now can’t picture anyone else.

    I think Brainiac would be a really great choice for the villian, but I have a feeling they’d be reinventing him some how – I just don’t see them going the super-evil-alien-AI root.

    And for reasons I cannot explain, I’d love to see Timothy Oliphant as Lex Luthor.

    Also, #WonderAliforLoisLane 😉

  36. Olivia Wilde
    Hugh Laurie
    Francis Kranz

  37. God no, Rachel Adams would be terrible, she was diabolical in Sherlock Holmes, not even convincing. The only reason why she is being considered us because she played a blogger in State of Play and she was terrible in that too. Why do they keep screwing up the casting of this character? The girl in Superman Returns was woefully miscast, as terrible as I know Mcadams will be

  38. Lois – Emily Blunt, Rachel McAdams, or Olivia Wilde. Kristen Bell but she’s busy w/ tv again right?
    Perry – Hugh Laurie, Jon Voight, maybe Alec Baldwin (w/ gray hair)
    Jimmy – Rupert Grint (Ron from HP)??
    Jor-El – Jeff Bridges

    Lex – Anthony LaPaglia (his Lex in All Star Superman sounds great!)
    Parasite – Crispin Glover
    Brainiac – Jude Law

  39. Chris Colfer would be rad as Jimmy Olsen.

  40. Lois Lane: Jessica Biel

    I’d love for Metallo to be the bad guy in the film. I’m not sure who would be a good fit for the role, maybe Mark Vally or Jensen Ackles or Sam Worthington.

  41. Is it just me, or do films always cast actors way younger than what you view the comic characters to be? Maybe it’s because when I was a kid, Superman was an adult and all adults looked the same age to me. But now that’s I’m in my late 20s, I just don’t think Superman or Lois should be a contemporary of mine. That being said…bring back Margot Kidder. I promise you she’s not busy.

  42. Alec Baldwin sounds great as Perry White! How about Mila Kunis as Lois? And Jesse Eisenberg as Jimmy?

  43. does anybody really care about anyone other than Superman in these movies?

    Just cast a hot chick as Lois, some old dude as perry and some young douche as jimmy. Done.  

  44.  I think Rachel McAdams would be the best choice for lois.

  45. @edward  i completely and respectfully disagree with that.

  46. @kortum22: come one, let’s be honest. Lois, Jimmy and Perry aren’t exactly the most defined characters in comics. A very large spectrum of people could play the part easily

  47. Apparently Lois Lane isn’t going to be the femal lead in this movie…..and from everything I’ve read they want a more “unkown” actress to play the unspecified female lead.  Lois might not even be in the movie….weird.


  48. @edward  Could not be further from the truth.  Lack of prominince as of late does not mean lack of character. 

  49. Jon Hamm as Zod…. or Lex.