Snyder Says ‘Watchmen’ Film Will Stay True to the Comic

From the “Is anything sacred” file: the director currently attached to the film version of Watchmen, Zach Snyder, tells about his plans for the adaptation of Watchmen to film, currently in pre-production.

You know, I would normally worry about this project, but Snyder is the guy behind the upcoming 300 movie, which adapts Frank Miller’s graphic novel and it looks kickass.

So who knows? I still think that this is one story that should be left alone, but that’s just me.


  1. I agree. There is no way this movie will work, except for the true watchmen fans who will see it and will complain when they try to make it more mainstream. Joe Moviegoer has no clue about the old Charlton Characters and prob. not enough about even most mainstream DCU heroes besides the Big Three. Heck, half of the audience won’t even appreciate the cold-war significance either ’cause they weren’t even alive!

    I can see the review/critics headlines now:
    “Who Watches the Watchmen: NOBODY!”

  2. I would not count out Zach Snyder. Remaking “Dawn of the Dead” was blasphemy as far as I was concerned. But I saw the film, and while it bore very little resemblance to the original, I saw in it great great work. I loved the film and thought Snyder was a real talent. While I’ve yet to see the film, the trailer for “300” looks amazing. Don’t count it out yet.

    I think people would be more outraged if the article talked about all kinds of changes, but really, he wants to keep it very similiar. Is that so wrong? The only real difference is he wants to add a beginning that explains the alternate history. I think that’s a good idea for people who aren’t familiar with the source material.

    Don’t dog this movie yet. It has a lot of potential.

  3. I went to high school with the guy who wrote that Dawn of the Dead remake.

    Not relevant; I just like to feel included.

    Seriously, though, on one hand this is another sprawling, richly detailed epic that has to be whittled into two hours, making true fidelity to the comic difficult at best. On the other hand, in terms of Alan Moore adaptations, its benchmark is that it has to be better than Sean Connery’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I’m not going to worry until the film actually starts getting made.

  4. You mean James Gunn? Sweet.

    I’m in the a movie is too confining camp for watchmen. It’ll just end up too compressed, especially with the Black Frigate storyline in as was said over at CBR.

  5. crashed the sci fi website…

    I am lookin foward to it actually…

    for every daredevil, there is spiderman 2.
    for every x3, there is superman returns.
    So..the law of averages is currently even.

    i will wait for it..and then bash it..

  6. Don’t forget, Zach Snyder also directed 300. Which isn’t out yet, I know, but it looks friggin’ awesome.

    PS James Gunn rules! I love Slither!

  7. who would you cast?

    rorschach-william h. macy
    ozzmandias-val kilmer
    the newspaper vendor- joe pesci

  8. There is no way everyone will be happy with the movie, but I just hope that Zach Snyder will stay true to the original feel of the movie. Hell, I heard some fanboys complain about Spiderman 2! While I am not a fan of turning “Watchmen” into a movie, I am curious about it. The previews for “300” look great, so there could be hope.