Watch Ben Templesmith Draw The Next Issue of ‘Fell’ — LIVE

Our good friends at Isotope, The Comic Book Lounge in San Francisco are running a live video feed of Ben Templesmith as he draws the next issue of Fell.

Live Video streaming by Ustream

Catch the action from 4:30-6pm PST.


  1. this is actually REALLY F’N cool you have no idea…

  2. Holy crap Batman! This is awesome!

  3. Guess I missed it 🙁

  4. I had completely forgotten about Fell.

  5. i thought this happened last week. whoops.

  6. will there be a re-run?

  7. Is it saved for viewing anywhere? Live events are not always the best for people living in other timezones.

  8. Agrees w/ David.  Any replays available.


  9. Um… did I miss the impending new issues of Fell alert?  That book was the shiznit, I only hope we get a somewhat lengthy run.

  10. @JonSamuelson  You must have.

  11. Woot!

  12. New Fell? Amazing! Bad day to be in school. Ben Templesmith has been one of my favorite artists since I started reading comics. Love me some horror.