Want $500? Name Graphic.ly’s Panel View

Graphic.ly needs your help.  They need a good name for the panel view in the iPhone and iPad apps.  That's the view where you're taking the page apart panel by panel, and focusing on just one.  That's where you come in.  Think something up, make it real good, and send them over to info@graphicly.com

Any duplicates will give credit to the first one recieved, and the winners will be voted on by the community, which makes sense, because Graphicly is all about their community.  That's why we're asking you.

Plus, did we mention the $500?


Here's a little of Peter Krause's work on Irredeemable #1 in the panel view.  Hey, did I ever mention really awesome commentary I did with Mark Waid and Peter Krause for Irredeemable #1 on Graphic.ly? That's where you can get it, if you buy the issue.


  1. do we have to put anything spcific in the subject line?

  2. We’ve got nothing that says you need to. Something like Panel View Suggestions would work.

  3. Panelvision

    Thank me after you win.

  4. After review, too mundane.

    Focispectacle view.

  5. After review, too silly

    The 4th Wall

    I think I’m done . . .

  6. Oooooo!! I sent a pretty good one! : )

  7. Sent mine off! Hope it gets picked cuz it’s badass.

  8. Is there a deadline? Are multiple entries permitted? 

  9. Im pretty happy with mine

  10. Panelfly

    no, wait…

  11. "Comics Stripped"

  12. I think I came up with a good one, I just hope no one came up with the same name and sent it in before me.

  13. I did…I sent it in right before you….Sorry.