WANT! – 2.23.2011

What do we want? COOL STUFF!
When do we want it? NOW!

Magic Wand Programmable TV Remote

To make up for the serious lack of magic in my life, I do things like wave my hands in front of automatic doors so they open. Which is exactly why I need a remote control shaped like a magic wand. Swish and flick your way through the channels with this mystical artifact that performs up to 13 of your boring remote's functions. It's the closest you'll come to Hogwarts.

Think Geek, $89.99



Malcom Reynolds Browncoat Replica   

Yeah, Wolverine's jacket is cool and all. But sometimes you want something with a bit more space cowboy in it. You can aim to misbehave in this replica Browncoat from the much-loved, short-lived Firefly series. I'd probably get this in a larger size and pretend my boyfriend Mal gave it to me to keep warm in Serenity Valley… What?!

Tight pants sold separately.

Entertainment Earth, $319.99


Stay Puft Marshmallows

"What did you DO, Ray?"
"I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never, ever possibly destroy us. Mr. Stay Puft."
"Nice thinking, Ray."

Amazon, $17.95


Ali Colluccio wants a TARDIS. Like, now. Please.


  1. We used to roast Stay Puft marshmallows by the fire are Camp Waconda.

  2. Eighteen bucks for a box of marshmallow? It better destroy the world.

  3. That Mal Reynolds jacket isn’t WANT!, it’s NEED!

  4. I wishing was using all of those items right now.

  5. Why are the marshmellows square?  And why are they caffinated?

  6. I’ve tried the marshmallows. Delicious.

  7. @stuclach if you make marshmallows at home they’re square… because you cut themfrom a pan basically. So I pose to you the question, why are most marshmallows rounded?

    The caffiene part is beyond me though. I think someone’s decided all edible items aimed at geeks must have caffience.  Has someone made caffienated bacon yet? 

  8. @itsbecca  This is kinda close: http://www.thinkgeek.com/caffeine/bacon/d85e/

  9. @ed209AF  lmao….you ARE that guy! lol

  10. 2 of out 3 of these things will mean you’ll never have sex again

  11. @edward  i thought the same thing! i pictured a stereotypical ” nerd ” walking down the street wearing the jacket and pointing the wand at people exclaiming some Harry Potter babble. And of coarse he’d be obese from gorging on the marshmallows. I have a vivid imagination.

  12. well, you just choose all three items, rahUniQur, i’m afraid i’ll have to disqualify you

  13. I also wave my hand at automatic doors…

    And I really do want that coat.

  14. @itsbecca  Excellent question.  I assume the answer involved Hot Chocolate in some way.


    @ed209AF in all fairness the 2 links you posted were by a different writer than this article. So its not really a big deal. Its a nice reminder for the regulars who missed that article or newcomers who read this one for the first time.

  16. @edward  i didn’t chose that stuff!!! if i had to chose stuff it would be star wars stuff, lol. I’d be dressed as a Jedi!

  17. @r3v this trend is getting out of hand.