WANT! – 09/15/2010

What I'd really like is a picnic lunch with Academy Award nominated actress Carrie Mulligan. Maybe on a gondola in France or whatever. Or maybe at a mystery theater hibachi place. But here are some other things that are also neat.


The Blues. The Western. Chinese food. Some creations are definitively American. Just when you thought My Little Pony had been put out to pasture, she returns, repurposed. Not into glue, but as My Hero Ponies. Artist and dreamer Jodi Moisan may have developed the greatest customized toys in existence. There's a Daredevil one. If I make an Equus reference, will you promise to laugh? 


A member of the X-Men, X-Force, the Avengers, and another Avengers, the once brooding Wolverine has become a real team player in recent years. But not every wolverine has a family. Consider adopting a genuine feral wolverine critter from the wilds of Canada. According to my research, they're the size of a domestic dog, but can make pulp of a wounded moose faster than, say, a canary could. With all those Tim Hortons popping up all over the tundra, the little guys could use some financial support. I haven't read the fine print, but I'd imagine you'd get recent school photographs of little Winifred or Woodrow every few months and could probably have them over for the high holy days. Imagine if you could summon your sponsored Wolverine in times of duress, blowing a special whistle and waiting a few hours for the wolverine to get through customs and fly to your side in order to sheer the kneecaps off a would-be assailant. $25 to $100. 


This is a print called "Abe at the Denstist" from Alien Loves Predator. It is 14 earth dollars. If you are a dentist, this needs to be in your waiting room, because people in that room need to laugh. Because what you do is fucking terrifying. Just so you know. Creep. 


  1. That Modok is the thing of dreams (frighteningly awesome dreams).  Although out of context it would be even weirder, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  2. Look closer at the alien: Check out the cute teddy bear. Nice……

  3. I think we would have to fight over Sally Sparrow…

  4. Where’s the Beta Ray Bill pony? That would seem obvious!

  5. Those ponies are in my head forever now…

  6. I think I love the little Silver Surfer pony most of all.

  7. Yes. My Little MODOK is terrifying. Like a diseased fetal pony floating there, staring at you, trying to take over your mind.

    I like that Paul saw the cute, airbrushed picture of a wolverine on WWF’s webpage and thought, "No! That picture will not stand!" Then, he went and found this much more accurate picture to accompany this article with. Well done.

    My wolverine will be named Wolvey. But then, I’m not very creative.

  8. My little MODOK is only mildly terrifying when compared to the moustache sported by the My Little Doctor Strange. That moustache will haunt my dreams tonight.

  9. The Dr. Strange pony has a moustache!!!

  10. Slow newsday, huh?

  11. That last paragraph is my favorite thing you’ve ever written Paul.

  12. Who knew that Luke Cage would make such a cute little pony.

    MODOK pony takes the win for sure.

  13. That wolverine is so adorable I have to adopt him (or her).  Luke Cage My Little Pony could only be better if he had the afro to go along with his ’70s costume.

  14. I agree. That Pony hair should be afro-able. Damnit Jodi Moisan, stop half assing it and give me Power Pony WITH afro. Slacker.

  15. Nick Fury Pony with cigar and gun holster? fanfrickin-tastic! 

    World Devourer Galactus Pony doesn’t scare me as much as it should tho!

  16. W. T. F.!!!!!!! What up w those ponies?!?!?!

    All I could think was: WTF did I smoke? I’m seeing things. Then I doubled check, I don’t use drugs so… If I ever get paranoid, ponies I will see. They scare me.

  17. Nope. Naming yous wolverine Logan would be unoriginal, uncreative and just plain geekyly cliched. Mine is called Fluffy.

  18. I want the She-Hulk pony!

    But I can’t complain, because I have a very talented artist friend who made me a Captain America My Little Pony, which I love so very, very much.  http://i667.photobucket.com/albums/vv36/throughthebrush/Stuff/Stuff489.jpg

  19. a real wolverine would be pretty cool